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Master of Earth

I was surprised how much I ended up liking Onua's new iteration.
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Awesome Master of Earth you draw, I think I like it.
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aww yis! Bionicles :meow:
nostaglia returns <3
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Damn I wish I could afford this set right now.
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Since this whole lightstone cave environment is also the kind of thing I did for my Onua Mata portrait (because I love multiple small lightsources), I can't help but utterly fall in love with this <3
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Thanks! It was my first time drawing a piece with multiple lightsources so was a nice bit of practise for myself too. :)
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The greatest thing about doing artwork of Bionicle characters to me, other than envisioning that rich conceptual direction, is the fact that if you try you can make every character teach you something new :)
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Wow this looks awesome! I like the nod to Onua mata's original package art of him in the cave =D
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The nod wasn't even intentional, haha - Onua and caves just go together really well :D
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Haha good point xD
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