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Lewa 2015

Another 2015 Toa in their 2001 colours.
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Xaal-Vator's avatar
Lewa was my toa growing up. Seeing this brings me back.

As I've been doing custom Bionicle sets, I want to get a Master of Jungle set and paint it like this.
Kumata's avatar
You could probably make a very close approximation without having to paint any parts.
Nasa15's avatar
this needs to be a set. he looks awesome.
Lightninging63's avatar
Camouflage done right. Also, I dig the full-green axes. Head, hilt, blade, and all. :)
Drakua-Toa-of-rahi's avatar
Seriously, might as well start a petition to have Lego release the Toa in their original color schemes. (though to do so would be a fool's errand)
Kumata's avatar
The most likely scenario is for future sets to use the right parts in the right colours. Then people can MOC their own.
finishingthefight's avatar
that looks awesome, I like the keetorange and silver, but nostalgia makes me really like this one
Taranko's avatar
I wish they had gone with this, I can't stand the transparent pieces on the skeleton.
Kumata's avatar
... there aren't any transparent pieces on Lewa?
Taranko's avatar
I meant in general, I as mainly thinking of Pohatu for this one.
Kumata's avatar
I think what Pohatu has (the actual skeleton pieces being transparent) looks okay. What doesn't look great is what the likes of Tahu and Gali have (transparent armour pieces ON the skeleton).
Taranko's avatar
I suppose it depedns on the set for me. Many of the Inika had transparent skeletons, and I think they look good (it also fits lore wise).
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