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Kopaka 2015

Never was a big fan of Kopaka's original colour scheme - looks fairly dull by comparison with his new iteration.
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I know this was posted a while ago, but how come you didn't recolor the rest of transparent pieces to match with 2001 eyes like you did with Pohatu? I think it was great how you combined both aspects of G1 (the classic color) and G2 (the build and transparent elements) sets! 
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This... literally never occurred to me until you pointed it out! I must have forgotten my 'rule' that transparent pieces should stay transparent.

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This honestly looks so much better.  I don't mind splashes of ice blue on any old Ko-Matoran or Ice Toa, but it's just not "Kopaka" to me.
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Classic colors are the best.
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I'm only now discovering these, and I think they're great! Very original and unique!
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I think the reason Kopaka looks so colorless is because in 2001 he was usually put in a blue-tinted environment, which not only added contrast but reflected off him. 
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I think the classic scheme looks a bit dull in comparison to the new scheme. If he still had splashes of ice blue on the chest and around the bones affected in 2015, I might like it a little more.
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it looks so DULL!!
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Man I wish the sets were colored like that.

Maybe as a limited edition.
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I thought it made sense as camouflage.
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