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Gali 2015

As with my previous Pohatu piece, I decided to do a quick edit to see what 2015 Gali would look like in her original colours. 
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Metalknightrider's avatar
Love the darker blue but silver armor works best over black
DaftVirus's avatar
Love what you did with the mask, now I need to make my own translucent 2015 Kaukau
OscartheChinchilla's avatar
Part of me still wishes for a release of a transparent 2015 Kaukau.
finishingthefight's avatar
son of a bitch it's actually being made
OscartheChinchilla's avatar
Yeah, I saw that.

finishingthefight's avatar
I don't know ;-;

there's still hope that it'll be in the activity book
CJGamer99's avatar
Not any more there's not. The "exclusive" mask is Ekimu's Protector Mask.
CJGamer99's avatar
Well, you can buy the Translucent Blue Mask of Water on eBay for... $500??? WHAT???
The fact that they made so damn few of them, and barely distributed them while knowing people would want them due to Gali's original mask being trans blue, it almost feels like a huge slap in the face to older BIONICLE fans. Like it's mean't to be just an intended "fuck you" to the older BIONICLE fanbase. Really does make me want to just go punch someone at LEGO in the face.
CJGamer99's avatar
I don't think it was intended to offend the G1 fanbase, but rather to give people a reason to go to the LEGO Inside Tour and get one. I know, that if I had the money, I would definitely go to the Inside Tour, solely because of the opportunities it presents with people wanting to find a career there. But then again, that trans-blue Mask of Water sure would be nice to have...

Well, it doesn't cost much at all to produce those things, and while it's almost 2016, I hope that we'll get the opportunity to get our hands on that mask at some point.
Kumata's avatar
Lego trolled everyone and released a transparent Hau instead
ibioincle's avatar
They shudv made the animations look like THIS
Nokama1993's avatar
Stunning! Absolutely glorious! <3
Innodence's avatar
that is awesome!
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