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A Close Shave

"The Fat Controller watched the rescue operation."

My entry for an art collab celebrating the anniversary of the Thomas the Tank Engine TV series. The task was to recreate a scene from your favourite episode - I chose "A Close Shave". I always liked the rescue operation as a kid, partly because it featured my favourite two characters Thomas and Duck, and details like the wheelslip and Duck's locked wheels made the operation feel like a realistic effort. Even as a kid I preferred episodes where the railway aspects were less 'toy-like'.
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Good art work here!

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Ah, yeah. I remember that episode. Surely, anyone would think the idea of setting up a barbershop right at the end of train tracks is really stupid? Also, looking back, I find it weird how the barber was just annoyed at the fact Duck frightened his customers, rather than the latter demolishing the front of his shop, nearly killing him and his customers. XD

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That is a good drawing!

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NP, how are you as my name is Ryan.

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