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Twin Peaks - Fire walk with me

Through the darkness of future past
The magician longs to see
One chants out between two worlds:
Fire walk with me

Another picture i hadn't uploaded here yet woops

Soooo me and ~59-14-danny have been watching Twin Peaks together, we actually finished it last week (the movie as well), and here's my first proper fanart of it (that I drew before we finished the show, I might add) woooo! Cooper is the best ahahahahjgajgh I'm gonna miss him. I'm not completely satisfied with his face in this, but otherwise the picture turned out wayyy better than I thought it would so WOO.

But uhmmm....yeh.... that's all I have to say about it I guess jghgj


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Character © David Lynch
Art © Me
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Oh no Cooper has been shot...Don’t worry Cooper I know first-aid 😱😱this is amazing work great job 😍😍😍
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This is amazing. Only thing that's missing is a 'C' in the upper corner for Criterion Collection. This is so good it should be one of their covers. (In a perfect world where they had the rights)
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I don't really understand what that's supposed to mean, but thank you, I'm glad you like the picture! XD
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Oh, the Criterion Collection is a distribution label with Janus Films. They acquire, restore, and release films on DVD and Bluray of some of the most famous classic and contemporary films the world over that are essential to the appreciation of film history. Basically they are the most prestigious of the prestige. Only they don't really release television, just films. BUT if they did, no doubt Twin Peaks is one of the most important contributions to television ever, and so where I come in is that I believe if their ever existed a scenario where the were to release their own edition of a Twin Peaks Bluray, I would want them to use your work as it brilliantly captures Twin Peaks even if it is a spoiler of sorts. :)
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Oooh I see! Haha why thank you, I'm really flattered! :D
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I love this! tis a good pic, love Coop :D
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A very good art piece. The show sounds interesting.
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