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Fantastic Four - Flame On!

By Kumagorochan
Awyeeeh, felt like drawing me some Human Torch after watching the Fantastic Four movies again, kinda wanted to see if I could draw him properly now since last time I tried drawing him the picture sucked. 8)



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Art © Me
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darkjan's avatar
chriss nailed toruch. let see what black guy in reebot will do
mewmewspike's avatar
His name is Michael B. Jordan.  Not black guy in reboot.
sparrowcrazy's avatar
Awesome, I just watched the movie so i had to look up some FF art on da. :D
Moskita's avatar
Wow... he's hot... duh dum, tst. 

haha jkSo funny  Really good job <3
Guzzardi's avatar
oh wow, this is gorgeous! Such a beautiful, soft style. Love your work!
Jeth-Villar's avatar
he looks exactly like Chris Evans !!
mewmewspike's avatar
He was played by Chris Evans in the 2005 film and Rise Of The Silver Surfer.  However, Chris has hung up the Fantastic Four costume and decided to move on and wear the American-colored uniform of Captain America.
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ColdAsSnow's avatar
You're welcome :aww:
Lmao your avatar pic is so funny :XD:
Kumagorochan's avatar
haha glad you like it! XD
echgrl's avatar
I was about to add this to my favorites... but its already there! :)
ScottPilgrim1996's avatar
Whoa...This looks exactly like him. the flame are pretty realistic too. Great job, and wait to see more of your work! :)
Kumagorochan's avatar
aww thank you, I'm glad you think so! :D
ScottPilgrim1996's avatar
The pleasures all mine!:)
MadamePage's avatar
xXx-Broken-Dawn-xXx's avatar
:D Really really good. (As Always!) ~
A1r2i3e4l5's avatar
Wow this is awesome!! I'm usually not a fan of either Human Torch or Chris Evans but this is very sexy!!!! Amazing job!!!
Shaish's avatar
Dude, I totally just re-watched them yesterday too. XD Excellent timing and well done.
SylvesterHansen's avatar
super cute. he was always my favorite of the four
JadeTorchwood's avatar
Chris Evans is so cute.
littleshade's avatar
Awesome! Loved Johnny, you portrayed him perfectly.
ImperiumGraphics's avatar
Amazing asperusual <3 :3
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