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Levi x Reader -Little Love-

Art by: Politos.Burritos
As you stare at the Lance Corporal Levi from across the lunch table you sigh depressingly. Just the thought of YOU and HIM together? ha you wish, the chance of that actually happening is like having a titan walk up to everyone and start a conversation like "yeah, y'know we don't feel like eating you guys anymore, we'll just disappear off the face of the earth so you can go and see lands beyond the walls"
You look at your loaf of bread and just slide it in front of Sasha, whose eyes widen.
"Not hungry" you whisper with a tint of sadness in your voice. 
"OH boy! Thanks (y/n)!" She replies immediately not noticing your depressing emotion. 
You stand up slowly and excuse yourself from everyone. 
"(y/n)? you okay? What's wrong?" The green eyed titan shifter asks. Everyone sat there waiting for an answer to emerge from your sweet, petite lips. 
You fake a little yawn "Just tired, it's really no big
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Eyes on you! (Noctis x Reader) Chapter 1/2
Music was coming from everywhere. Everyone was celebrating. The prince would finally be wedded. The two kingdoms of Lucis and Tenebrae united under the ties of sacred mystery of marriage. Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret would be wedded in few hours. After so many trials and betrayals they went through they would finally have the marriage. It was enough to break her heart.
Dress: (
The ball as always was beautiful, perfect. People of the high classes of society who were important enough where invited to celebrate the event. She was here as well since she was one of prince’s closest friends. But recently she found herself to wish the exact the opposite.
(Name) (Surname) was always at Noctis’s side at good or bad times. They knew each other since they were little and that was because the king saved her. She was coming from a wealthy family that was gifted with the power of time. (Name) had visions of the pa
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Class sketches 2012 - 2 by Parororo Class sketches 2012 - 2 :iconparororo:Parororo 725 93 PSC - Geralt of Rivia by aimo PSC - Geralt of Rivia :iconaimo:aimo 597 54


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