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I was asked by my cousin to catch her in the "longbow" yoga position on some interesting place. The photo was for the contest helding by her favourite yoga studio.
My idea was to catch the stability of the position in contrast with rush of city life.
/Czech National Museum on the background/

More photos on my facebook page.

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great idea and great execution!
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :aww:
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did you win? because I hope so...
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Well.. believe it or not.. but I didn't win! =D
Some cellphone snapshot won the contest.. becase the rule was the photo with the most "likes" win and you know how it works on facebook.. more friends you have more likes you have.. :-/
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'Some cellphone snapshot'... love it, now that's a put down, sarcastic but with a slight hint of bitterness, in there too... :evillaugh:
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=D Yeah, you know, it's a little bit disapointing with all the care and hard work to be the second one after the "snapshot" picture.. =D
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Love it! wonderful concept - great execution!
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Great concept!
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Lovely concept and set up here.
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really very nice picture. Congratulation. Pekny:)
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How fun and interesting to look at!
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The concept is really cool and I love the capture!
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What a great capture! I love how the business of the moment was captured.
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Great shot! This is really good. I love the idea and the photo is amazing :clap:
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amazing concept! It's such a great photo. :clap:
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And you did a great great job. This is a unique idea. And the entire photo is in balance. Many congratulations!

I just wanna ask you if you used TV function for it ( supposing that this was taken with a dslr camera).
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Thanks for the nice comment, I'm really glad you like it! :)
No, I didn't used the TV/video function. It was taken by manual photo mode.
I've set very high aperture and the exposition time was about half of second and the camera was ofcourse on tripod to keep the picture sharp.
And my cousin had to stand very still.. I have about 60-70 pictures from this session because it wasn't so easy to catch it as I wanted.. =D
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Well, all the effort makes this photo even more valuable. And your cousin did a wonderful job too. I think was´t easy at all.
You know? I´v seen some photos with peoples in motion around here,but none was so symmetric and none had the background as main focus as well (almost as important as the model). Your concept is, by far, the true heart of the photo.

Thank you very very much for the explanations. :hug:
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..thank YOU very very much for your comments.. :aww:
It's really refreshing to read the comment like this. :hug:
I have many "one word" comments but only a few people talks with me deeper about the photo. :)

I have another idea for long exposure photography so I can't wait to realize it! I have a new neutral density filter (ND400) which allows me to keep the apperture wide open with very long exposition time so I can take a long exposure photo with very small depth of field. I only have to wait for better weather.. it's very cold and rainy right now in here (in the Czech Republic) and also the wind never stops at this time.. =D
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I make short comments too sometimes; depends very much on the work I´m comment on and on the mood I´m in when I browse a gallery or another, a work or another.

I avoided to take photos with long or very long exposure. I only had the given 18-35 Canon Lens until last month and I was focusing more in testing the settings of the camera hoping that I will find some I would like to use more. These lens do not allow me to play to much with the exposure and depth of field on crazy values. But I just bought new 70-300 Tamron Tele-Macro Lens (they also have the Normal settings, so they be used for portraiture and landscapes too) and I already started to test them,so, probably I will try long exposure too. I saw just yesterday that I can set the exposure manually with these Lens, with the other ones I was somehow obligated to accept the settings from the camera.

As for the filters, I only used 3 until now, all of them from KodaK, all of them optical: the 81 KODAK Wratten (some sort of light balancing filter and warm filter), the 2A Kodak Wratten (for reducing the excess blue caused by haze -is Ideal for mountain and aerial scenes) and the 3 Kodak Wratten (Removes some excess blue in aerial photos and is also recommended for landscapes when the sun is positioned low).

As you can see I was more for the "static" photography. These filters won´t help me with a long exposure photo. They do not enable or disable the shutter speed.

But I´m very curious now, that you have mentioned, of what my Tamron lens might do without a neutral filter, if I can manage somehow to isolate a subject from background (like you did here) using only the depth of field settings as my main tool. :D And, of course, I will wait to see what wonders your filter does despite the fact that is used more for video than for digital photography! :D Now here I guess we should trust the artist´s visions and skills (I´m talking about KUMA-X) ´cause the filter is just a match, but it won´t "turn on" by itself.
I will look forward for your new woks starting from today!
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