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Hello everyone, I'm back from the world of Tau Volantis, and it's now necromorph free, so I thought I'd take a minute and give you all a run down on what I'm currently doing. Well, to start off as I've posted, I'm working on quite a few things actually, I might possibly actually start posting stuff again. Which in my case is a great sign. Practice makes perfect right? And who needs procrastination anyway! DOWN WITH PROCRASTINATION! Aaaaanywho as I was saying, I'm gonna be more active then ever! Won't say how long it'll take for each work, but they're coming, so look forward to it! In the mean time, PS4 for holiday 2013! WOOT!
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Welcome back Kuma, we missed you. :D

Leila: Indeed we did. >:3

Nina: Oh yes, where would we be without you? >:3
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Ahaha! Nergal and the girls :), aaaah I missed you guys so much, I'm glad to b back! Nice to be up and about again for sure :D
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I misses you too dude. *hugs you and Yuu*

Leila: *huggles Kuma*
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*kuma's blessed with a hug from Leila...his lustfull thoughts are set adrift,thus tears of joy roll down his face*

Yuu: *sniff* I was afraid you had forgotten about us Nergal-san, I'm so happy you remembered! *she hugs him tightly* :iconcryforeverplz:
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Leila: *giggles, knowing exactly what thought's are running through the Kuma's head. She shrinks Kuma down so that he'd fall right on her breasts* Enjoying yourself dear? =P

*huggles Yuu* I could never forget about any of you, especially not you, Yuu. <:3
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*kuma's nose starts to bleed* Of course I am :D! See this is why we get along so well :D

Yuu: awwwh, Nergal-san is so cute :3. *suddenly she starts to get irritated* Kuma-sama is up to no good again...isn't he, Nergal-san? *she looks at him with an evil grin*
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Leila: *giggles* I figured you would. Here, you look a little cold dear. *she slips Kuma into her shirt, into her bra, right near the nipple, then grins at Yuu.* Don't worry Yuu, he is in no trouble at all. *she gives Yuu a hug, making sure to smush Kuma between her and Yuu's breasts*

*I snuggle into Yuu as I huggle her, then let go so Leila can hug her* Thank you Yuu, you look radiant as always. ^_^ *I shrug* I guess that would depend on your definition of no good. :P
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*Kuma's mind is blown by the softness of the two women's breasts. He dies a happy death*

Yuu: *Yuu smiles as she hugs Leila* Awwh you're both so nice, you should both come visit more often :3! *she then remembers about Kuma and her expression turns sour again*...Where'd Kuma-sama go...we both know what "no good" means Nergal-san...*she looks around, eyes like a hawk*
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