Dead Space 3

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I had started on a few new drawings on the comp this time to kick off my getting my computer back with a bang, but I just ran into a dillemma that will probably delay me for a little bit. Dead space 3 just came out 2 days ago and I can't stop playing...I know, get my priorities straight...but come on, Dead Space and Bioshock are like the only games I play anymore, gimme a break XD. Anywho, I'll try to finish up a full body drawing of a new DH character before Valentines day, so keep an eye out >D!
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Oh, I see, now XD

Well, I hope you are enjoying your game! ^^

Seeing more art from you will be awesome :3
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I am, and I'm almost done >D, I hope I won't dissapoint bro XD. Hopefully I'll have it done before the end of the month :D!