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By Kululu17

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Eh? What's going on here? First that retro scifi Rocket Frame 87 story, and now this? And a mature tag to boot? What's wrong with you Kululu? And where are Rinloh and Darin?

Umm, yeah. Rinloh and Darin are alive and well, and shall return shortly. I've been trying to take care of a couple unfinished projects. This story has been buzzing around my head since this summer, when I noticed I was on a plane on August 8. And it finally made its way to paper. Err… digital. A bit different than my other Felarya stories, but I hope you enjoy it. Comments as always, are most welcome.

Felarya belongs to :iconkarbo: and Lucilya belongs to :iconfrenchsnack:.

Note: The flight I was on this summer did not actually end up in Felarya following the incident with the dimensional rift, but rather in a much less interesting dimension, so I won't bore you with the details of that.

Published:   |  Mature
© 2018 - 2021 Kululu17
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Karbo's avatar
Ack I'm sorry to see this one only now ^^;  It was a nice story ! Very good descriptions all around and you managed to make it flow very well from start to finish :D  The ending was certainly very unexpected too ! and for all insane and illogical the plan was, it was probably their best bet =p
Kululu17's avatar
Thanks! Glad I was able to surprise you.

To you or I the plan seemed sensible, but unfortunately "Fairy Psychology 101," just isn't as widely studied within the general population. Pity.
SimonLorimer's avatar
This was a real treat :D I think what I enjoyed most was how unexpected this piece was - from just the very concept of the story to some of the details in it. What honestly really had me laughing was when Chiara mistook what her special drink was for :P That is just the very essence of the fairy mindset perfectly captured! This is the kind of story which really could only exist in Felarya and you've made full use of it!

I honestly can't imagine what you must have seen on that flight to make you think of the idea of this story, but I thank God for whatever disco bulb-carrying passenger sat next to you on that day :)
Kululu17's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it! I don't have any fairies in my main story arc just yet, but their mindset is just so fascinating and fun. I was happy when I came up with a story idea to play around with them. Thanks again sir!
LovecraftianMadness's avatar
Meanwhile the people on Flight 370 probably all got eaten...
Kululu17's avatar
...and someone who knows their history! Bonus points for you, good sir! And a gift card for Gunther's Fine Adventuring Supplies.
mariusmule's avatar
This is a great story. I could see this working with the fairies. What a great imagination you have! Love how the female human took control of the male fairy and began flirting. Also loved how the fairy got INTO her drink. It seems these humans found the secret to survival at the fairy pond. 
Kululu17's avatar
Thank you, I appreciate the comment. Yeah, you know, when something is listed as "extremely dangerous" in the wiki, the gears start turning... hmmm... so how COULD one survive there...

And I'm happy that you liked the fairy party!
OceanGrumble's avatar
What a story?! This was such an awesome read, I just couldn't stop.

I liked the structured beginning jumping from one protagonist to the next and again. It kept it interesting with a lot of room to develop the characters and the environment - pretty brilliant.

The action scenes - really believable, I was there.

Which, now that I think about it, is what kept me reading. The story felt alive and I could see me there, well, actually, I am very, very, very (!) happy I am not there. Although, fun humans, with predator fun and intoxicated fairies - LOL - who knows...

This is a really good long, short story. I wonder if you could submit it somewhere, hmmm
Kululu17's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the descriptions and characterizations. And yes - actually being there is a bit of a double edged sword. Very dangerous, but a wild fairy party would sure be a night to remember!
nightsvallow's avatar
Wonderful! A very creative approach to how to deal with, or at least try to deal with the dangers of Felarya. The uncertain ending is also very, um, "realistic", if that term was applicable to the setting. Once they succeeded in making friends with fairies, their risk has diminished significantly, but is far from gone in this world.
Very interesting characters and a good introduction, too. The more serious first part makes the fantastic progress all the more surprising. 
Kululu17's avatar

Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it. Life in Felarya is never really 'safe,' but having a bunch of fairies thinking of you as fun and entertaining rather than wiggly and yummy is good start. And it makes me happy to hear that the 'surprise ending' worked.

darthvader637's avatar
I don't even know where to start my friend.

First of all. I didn't see a story like that coming after all. I expected the continuation of Rinloh and Darin oder something apart from Felarya.

Still, the story was awesome. I can just say few basics like the whole setup was constructed very well and the descriptons of...close to everything... were vere colorful and detailed. I am far away from that level of skill! Though it might be not a shame since you are a native speaker.

The Idea of the story was interesting and it was nice to see u woving fairies into your Setup. You handled their behavior very believable and the "uncommon" touch of mature content fitted very well. All that entertained me very much.

To come to the main idea...from part to part...I couldn't stop laughing about the idea and its commitment to survive the encounter with the faires. I never read something like "party your way out of danger". I know keep in mind, should I ever visit Felarya....I bring my gaming equipment.

And last but not least, the "sentence of the story" : I would have quoted the same as FrenchSnack but since he already did it. I decided myself for the following: "Well if you make yourself *whisper* *whisper*, then we could *whisper* *whisper*" It put a pretty bright smile on my face, espeically since it didn't reveal the obvious and left a room for imagination to the readers. Also like that the acting person was that open to "such things"  You sure brought some lewd humans to felarya xP :D
Kululu17's avatar
Wow! Thanks so much for the long comment! Glad you enjoyed the story, and it's nice to be able to throw a surprise or two at you at well. I actually did the story in my usual more subtle style, then thought – this is a wild fairy party – it really needs some racier content. Glad I was able to do it justice!
BelladonnaBloodrose's avatar
This was a great read!
Kululu17's avatar
Thank you ma'am. I'm happy you enjoyed it!
Solarzilla's avatar
This is one of the better Felarya stories. Good job!
Kululu17's avatar
Thank you! Felarya is an amazing universe to play in, and I'm glad you found my contribution entertaining!
BulletBader's avatar
Hahahaha!!! I love it! This was a fun read! I'll be honest, I've kinda been down lately. But this story definitely brought me back. Thanks!
Kululu17's avatar
Hello sir! Very glad to hear I was able spread a little good cheer. And I had a lot of fun writing it!
BulletBader's avatar
I can tell lol. You know, I've actually been scuba diving. It's one of the coolest thrills ever!
FS-the-voresmith's avatar
This was a lot of fun! What an imaginative and pleasant way to survive an encounter with fairies! :D I liked the fairies' 'innocent' playfulness and eager curiosity, not least Lucilya's. And the confused male fairy letting himself be manhandled with a blush by a bold female human! ("Oh, honey, you just haven't met the right humans." :lol:)

And using a champagne glass as a jacuzzi... I think that's what's called a wild party!
Kululu17's avatar
Thank you! It makes me happy to hear that I was able to keep you and Lucilya entertained! And inviting fairies to a party is a sure way make things interesting.
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