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    The paw moved slowly, steadily carrying out the smoothing motion from the tip of the dark nose, over the whiskers, and all the way back over the long muzzle. The fine teeth of the comb set every strand of orange fur perfectly in place after the twenty-fifth stroke, allowing the fox to turn her attention to the other side until similar results were achieved. Neveen watched the vixen in the mirror groom herself, attended to every detail with astute care that she had not taken since she began her rise to power. Generally, the details of her city took too much of her time and while she certainly tended herself and kept herself more than presentable, it had been too long since she had really taken the time to make every detail perfect.
    Then again, it had been a very long time since she had seen Nick, so the extra effort only made sense to her.
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    The upbeat tune did little more than drift through the dimly lit room, even drowning out the sound of rustling papers and almost managing to drown out the creak of the under oiled office chair as the figure sitting in it rocked back. Whistling was a good way to keep the stress down, he had found. That was the theory, anyway. At the very least, it required a bit of focus that otherwise might have been spent grinding teeth or chewing on nails or some other habit that would best be avoided. As a male who had never wanted to be in the position he had settled into, bad habits were an easy thing to come by, a fact that his wife often pointed out when she caught him falling into them.
    Even with the whistling, it was hard not to fall into them as he looked over the folder in his lap. The melodic notes were a contrast to what he saw as rusty paws flipped from one photo to the next, each one showing a different wolf in various parts of the city. To
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    There were five items on the table.

    The most openly familiar was the bottle of Meerkat single malt scotch, aged twenty-five years in an oak cask. Lovingly crafted for the more sophisticated alcoholics with the money to spend on it, the unassuming label looked no different than the swill that would cost a meager fourteen Bucks to the casual observer. But as anyone who knew anything about the fine art of drinking knew, the price tag on this particular bottle was not for the timid nor for weekend drinkers. Which made the shot glass sitting beside it, filled to the brim with the fragrant and precious amber liquid, all the more offensive. Especially for those who understood that the small amount in the glass – which came to a value of one hundred and thirty Bucks - would go untasted.

    There were sunglasses there as well, which were also of an expensive brand. Not a ‘name brand’ as most thought of them, such as iCarrot or Snarlbucks, companies who were able to charge insane amounts of money for half-assed products based on their name alone. This was the sort of branding that one went to when they were willing to spend real money on something high quality, something that was known in certain circles to be the best for the right price. They were very good at what they had been designed to do - keep bright light from hurting the eyes of the wearer. And they were just as effective at their true purpose – keeping those eyes from being seen.

    Between the bottle and the glasses sat the armaments.

    The holster was custom made to fit the owner, in the same way a good suit was custom fitted for the one who would wear it, with special modifications made for the types of arms it would be carrying. The cured mantis leather held with no engravings that identified the creator, and there were spots on the edges of the holster itself that were rubbed smooth and darkened with the signs of long-term use. Not a throwaway item, however, as the leather was oiled and cleaned on a regular basis.

    Currently in one holster nudged up against the sunglasses was an SP-01 Phantom handgun, heavily modified. It wasn’t the most expensive gun on the market but it was easy enough to modify, acquire, and maintain with a reliable semi-automatic, single action, and – not entirely legally – fully automatic firing options. Rather than the standard polymer, however, the gun had been outfitted with a custom tempered steel frame and textured wooden grips. This both increased the handling in trained hands and allowed the gun to fire hot longer in a drawn-out fight. With sights that were configured with rear straight ledges to allow for one pawed close-range operation, a carefully shaved hair trigger and an eighteen round magazine, it was the perfect firearm for a mammal that needed to be prepared for anything.

    At the rear of the holster was the baton. It was something of an enigma, as weapons went. Not exactly the most popular or deadly weapon available. Too long and thick to be easily concealed, prompting the customization of the holster to allow for easy carry. The damage it was capable of against mammals with such thick bone structures as under-prepared tiger assassins were in part due to the fact that it was heavier than it looked. The polished wood exterior was a guise, one that hid the carbon steel core that added weight to every impact in paws that understood how to use it effectively.

    Every one of the items on the table seems to spell out some part of the mystery of the fox who sat across from her, a mystery that she needed to be spelled out in terms that would allow her to understand what part he had to play in Zootopia. It did matter that no one seemed to know who he was, except for the most powerful people in the city. One of whom, from what she had already guessed from the delivered cars and polar bear entourage, was the biggest crime boss in the city. Then there was a mysterious information broker who lived in a technological marvel under the city-owned DMV somehow, followed closely by a pimp who had managed to maintain the only brothel left in the city and apparently supplied arms. And then there was the Administrator herself, who was almost as mysterious as Nick from her tower on high. Not only did they all seem to know him, but they all also seemed to react to him with equal parts respect and affection.

    She needed to know why. She needed to know why just as much as she needed to know why the baton sitting on the table bore the same mark that had been written in blood as the dying act of a very powerful General and member of the Council.

    “My name is Nicholas Piberius Wilde,” he began, breaking the silence so suddenly that she flinched slightly, her nose twitching as she watched him uneasily.

    “The Wildes,” she murmured, feeling a roiling in her gut as she remembered the story that had rocked the entire city and beyond. Affluent, well-liked, and just entering the political theater in a bid to bring change to the city. Mr. Wilde was in a bid to run for the seat of Mayor while Mrs. Wilde had put herself into the race for a seat on the Council. It had been a decade after the events that the case had crossed her desk, in the form of a cold case that was likely to never be closed. “That can’t be right. All of the Wildes are dead.”

    “Missing, technically,” he corrected, taking the one hundred and thirty Buck glass of scotch and placing it in front of him. He rolled the glass between his paws slowly, looking into it as if seeing the past in the ripples with his ears pinned flat against his skull. “Presumed dead. My parents are dead, of course. Butchered by what the ZPD liked to call ‘a politically motivated assassination’ while I hid in the closet. The assassins weren’t looking for us, obviously. They were only interested in my parents.”


    She said this not in the form of a question as she remembered browsing files of the missing Wilde children. Speculation had ranged from sold into slavery to simply in hiding, though the most popular opinion was that they were dead and the bodies had been disposed of more carefully. Dead kits tended to drive investigations to last longer due to public sympathy, after all. But the cold case file had been something she had seen in passing and even now she couldn’t remember if the name of one of the missing children had been Nicholas. Though now, obviously, it was.

    “Yes, ‘us’,” he confirmed with a short nod, raising the glass to breathe in deeply once with a look of intense longing on his face before he set it down again and looked at her with sharp green eyes that were surprisingly focused. “A younger me and my little sister, Neveen.”

    It struck her like a blow then, in more ways than one. The reason he called her by a different name than what was on record as her legal name. Not something that would be hard to change, and burry with the right connections. Or enough money. It also explained her drive to change the city, as her parents had wanted to do.

    “I didn’t call the police,” he said, settling back in his chair in a way that almost managed to make him look relaxed. “Police were for small things, like annoying protestors outside of the gates or a sound in the middle of the night. For something tangible, my father had told me to call a friend of the family who I had always just called Papa. You would know him as Mr. Big.”

    “Which explains the polar bears,” she murmured, mostly to herself even though she never took her eyes off of him. He seemed to take her lack of surprise as a cue to the continue.

    “Papa… Mr. Big carted us off that night before the police were even called, assuring us that he would do everything in his power to find out who had done it, and make them pay. Young as I was, a part of me believed that he meant to help the ZPD in their investigation, even if that naiveite was short lived. In the end, on both legal and not-so-legal fronts, nothing came of it.”

    He grew silent again as she watched him, feeling a deep sympathy that threatened her need to know everything that he knew. Her instinctive desire to tell him that he didn’t need to go on was suppressed by her lawyer’s desire to get to the truth behind what was happening in the city. And to know more about the fox that haunted her dreams.

    “Neveen obviously didn’t take it well,” he continued just as she had been prepared to press him to go on. “She didn’t talk to anyone for days. Weeks. For months she just wandered the mansion – Big decided to keep us close at hand rather than sending us to a safe house. Not a lot of mammals are brave enough to try to breach security comprised of the largest predators in the world – looking lost. And I wasn’t helping her, because I needed help myself. I just kept pushing at Papa for more information, demanding to know why he wasn’t do anything. Pretty typical example of the blame game on my part, all of which he tolerated with a benevolent.

    “When my sister did talk, finally, it was to ask me why I let it happen. Why I had let our parents die.”

    “How could you have prevented it?” Judy asked, her muzzle turned into a frown as she rested her paws on the table to lean a little closer to him. “You were just a kit. How could she expect you to stop what happened?”

    “Because I made a promise that I wasn’t able to keep,” he replied, ear twitching slightly before he waved a paw towards the baton on the table between them. Her eyes were drawn to the crest, the image of that crest drawn in blood filling her mind before she dismissed the instant question. It would wait, which it did when he continued. “My father was always big on being able to defend yourself and those close to you, so from a young age he started to teach me to do just that. And me? I was always closest to my sister. So, in typical big brother fashion, as soon as I thought I was a tough guy after a few lessons with father, I started to brag. And it’s not hard to convince a young vixen that her older brother is the strongest mammal alive.”

    “So, you promised her you would protect… Who? Everybody?”

    “Kits,” he shrugged, leaning back almost limply in his chair as emerald eyes held hers. “We all say and do stupid things when we’re young. Most of the time, it doesn’t come back to bite you on the ass as hard as it did mine. She blamed me for our parent’s death, and at that age, I believed it. I am a little more mature now – though not much – and I know that she was pushing her anger at me because she couldn’t aim it towards the mammals who had murdered our parents, but at the time… I believed it. I’d failed them.”

    “Oh, Nick,” she said, ready to offer denial and comfort as she shifted in her seat only to have him wave it off with a testy hiss between his teeth.

    “Don’t,” he said simply, causing her to settle back into her chair with an ache in her chest that refused to go away even as he continued in a bland tone.

    “What happens when you convince a kit that it was his own weakness that killed his parents? I don’t think that was her intent, but it was the result of her anger. Before long, I was able to convince Big that I needed to continue the training my father had started, by which I meant that I needed teachers. Sparing partners. A gym. I admit that I took advantage of his desire to help me cope and ended up with the best the mob’s substantial money could buy. Still don’t exactly feel bad about it, to be honest,” he said, a brief grin fluttering across his muzzle before it faded away when his eyes became serious again. “I trained constantly. Stupidly, at first. I was belligerent and angry, telling every instructor presented to me that they were teaching me wrong because they weren’t teaching me like my father. I still managed to learn, though.

    “This went on for years,” he said, turning his attention to the glass again as his expression went blank and his ears just sort of… Hung on his head. She could see no expression of any kind for a long moment before he continued in a low tone. “During which, Neveen and I drifted apart. I didn’t notice it, because I had convinced myself that everything I was doing was for her. Stupidly. Not even noticing that sometimes we didn’t see each other for weeks at a time, and when we did there was always a cold sort of resentment from her. Maybe somewhere along the way, her anger was less about our parents and more about the brother who had abandoned her? I’m not sure. I just know that one day, Papa came to my room and asked me where my sister was.”

    She watched him draw a deep breath as he raised his head and leaned back in the chair, his eyes showing that there was a great deal of emotion in the male even if his expression showed none of it. It was clear then, why he wore the glasses. His shell wasn’t perfect, and he certainly wasn’t the cold and emotionless figure that he often tried to portray. And seeing his eyes, she could hear the strain in his voice when he spoke.

    “I never saw her again, until today.”

    “Nick,” she began, unable to even comprehend the idea of being torn away from her family as more than an ache in her chest, one that she was certain was only a fraction of the reality of having everyone he had cared about taken from him. But whatever her aching heart wanted to express to him was cut off when he continued abruptly.

    “In person, anyway. Obviously, I saw her on TV and in the news later. After she left, Mr. Big kept tabs on her and kept me as informed as he decided I needed to be, while providing me with just enough information so that I knew she wasn’t in danger – without allowing me the option of going after her. As you can imagine, that didn’t go over well at first,” he added, a toneless sort of humor in the smirk that crossed his muzzle. “At that point, though, I was either tired of the anger or I was tired of yelling because I had learned there was no point. Gotta give Papa credit. A lot of credit. I called him some vile things in anger, things that would have had most other mammals… misplaced.”

    And Judy knew that he used the term ‘misplaced’ rather than spell out what exactly happened to those who crossed a figure like Mr. Big, not because he didn’t think she could handle it, but because she was a lawyer. She remained silent, however, her eyes intently focused on his expression and the green eyes that were sometimes focused on her and sometimes in the distant past. Her sense of right and wrong was even present with this knowledge, like an itch at the back of her neck. The itch became maddening, however, when his story moved into territories she had hoped it wouldn’t.

    “I was… seventeen, I think, when he started me working with the bears,” he said, leaning back in the chair and folding his hands behind his head as he looked at the ceiling. “It made perfect sense to me at the time. I was his burden, I was draining his time and resources. He should get something back. And I didn’t mind at all. I needed to put all of the impractical training to good use, right? Get into some real fights, and what better way to do that than to meet some less than reputable characters who were being uncooperative? I found out later that he only sent me to acquaintances of his that were already dirty. No innocent shop keepers, no mothers, no goodie-goodie mammals who were just mixed in bad business. No. I was sent to other members of the family who had gotten out of line, bookies who didn’t pay their till, cops on the take who got too greedy, a few cases of excessive violence in the neighborhood. Those were my favorites, the violent ones. They never came quietly, and I was very, very angry at the time.”

    “He made you an enforcer for the mob?”

    “In a way,” he said, turning his eyes back to her without dropping his arms. She could tell that his relaxed appearance was fabricated; that the smooth, easy tone was forced in a way she had never heard from him before. “He was giving that anger a direction, pointing me towards mammals who deserved it. It was easy enough at first. The first few never saw me coming, big or small. A rat with a pair of lynx bodyguards, a lion who was convinced he was unstoppable, a giraffe…”

    “A giraffe? How would you even…”

    “Like chopping down a tree,” he said, using two fingers to mime legs as he grinned at her. A real grin, this time. “They’re really tall, but those legs are just begging to be taken out from under them. As long as you avoid getting kicked. Even the bears were wary of the kick. Hard to get the drop on them, too. Good ears, wide range of vision. High head, meaning they can see you coming. But once you have them on the ground… What? You asked.”

    “I did,” she sighed, dropping back in her own chair as she looked across at him. It was disturbingly easy to imagine him as an enforcer for Mr. Big as he was now. He could be cold and distant, sometimes seeming emotionless, while at the same time he seemed driven. His drive in her case was to protect her, which was a far cry from being muscle for the mob. “Go on. But not about the giraffes.”

    “Right,” he smirked, dropping his arms and leaning forward again. The smirk fell away. In fact, all humor dropped away from the handsome face in the time it took him to lean forward far enough to rest his elbows on his knees. “It seemed to work well enough at first. For a few years. Until I was legally old enough to drink. Don’t look so surprised. Life in the mob isn’t like the movies. They don’t run around like yahoos, breaking laws just because they can. At least, not as I saw it growing up. They were very neat and clean in all respects. Stay inside the law, unless it was official family business. That way, the ZPD can’t arrest you for little nitpicky details like letting a minor drink alcohol. That becomes kind of important later.

    “Anyway, the bears took me out for a night on the town to welcome me to adulthood. It was a great night. I was introduced to scotch, which one of the bears explained was what sophisticated mammals of means drank. That first drink damn near killed me, too, or it felt like it at the time. Like swallowing terrible, pungent fire, coughing, and ending up with some of that fire in the nose. Which led to more coughing, watering eyes, the laughter of those around me. But not the mean kind, not like they were making fun of me. The kind where they have all been there themselves, so they could laugh and slap me on the back, and congratulate me. And then pour me another drink. And as the warmth that quickly saturated my blood worked its way right into my brain? I found myself laughing with them. Really laughing, instead of forcing it. And for the first time in years, I was feeling as though there was still some fun to be had in the world. Neveen being gone wasn’t such a huge weight on my shoulders because, when I drank, I never thought about her.

    “Which was why I never stopped drinking after that night,” he said lowly, turning his eyes to the bottle on the table before reaching out to take it in one paw. He rolled it around, the amber liquid within coating the inside of the bottle to slowly slide back down in a clean film while he looked at the label without actually seeing what was etched there. “And like when I became an enforcer, it was great at first. An outlet, a way to feel a little more like who I had been before everything had come crashing down. That’s how it catches you, you know. It feels good, until it doesn’t. But by the time it stopped feeling good, I already needed it. And then, when feeling good become misery, stopping becomes pain. It affected everyone and everything around me. Papa told me, more than once, that I needed to clean up my act, but I didn’t listen. Couldn’t really. We fought constantly at this point. Or I fought and he talked calmly back at me, in that way that parents sometimes do. ‘Nicky, you need to stop this drinking. It’s no good. You make me sad, Nicky. Your parents wouldn’t want this, Nicky. Think of the family, Nicky’ and so on, until I just started to tune him out by drinking more.

    “And it started to affect my work, in some obvious ways. I became more violent, as angry alcoholics tend to do,” he admitted, setting the bottle down again and focusing his eyes on her fully. “Which led to some messes, for all parties involved. Sometimes I… took it too far. And sometimes I was the one who took the beating, and for the first time, the bears had to step in to save me, more than once. I was causing a lot more problems than I was solving, in the end. I had become the sort of problem that I was sent to solve.”

    “But you didn’t stop,” she decided, setting aside the violence of the life he had led for now to focus on what was really being explained to her. “Or you couldn’t.”

    “It’s the same thing, really, with the same results in the end,” he shrugged, his ears falling flat as his chest rose with a deep breath which he released in a slow exhale. “Mr. Big became more insistent, because he had to. And I was just as resistant. It had reached a point where he told me that I had to stop drinking or get out. So, I got out.”

    There was a drawn-out silence then as he looked down at his paws for a long moment. It was the sort of silence that would have allowed her time to think about everything that she had been told so far and allowed him to gather his thoughts to tell her the rest. But rather than think, all she found herself doing was watching him. Trying to read him and realized that it was because he was showing emotions he hadn’t shown her before. Regret being in the forefront now, as he released another breath.

    “As you might expect, it went downhill fast after that. I had money, of course. My parents’ money, which had been silently split between Neveen and I, and the money Papa had paid me as one of his enforcers, which was no small amount. More than enough to allow a pissed off male to break loose on the world, drink himself into a pit, and wallow in that pit for years. The only time I wasn’t drunk was when I woke up every morning, and that only lasted until I was able to reach over the vixen I had fucked the night before to grab the bottle.”

    He seemed aware of the wince that crossed her muzzle at those words and cast her a sympathetic, if wry, grin.

    “It went along pretty well with my general attitude at that point,” he admitted, causing her ears to raise as his seemingly nonchalant tone dripped with something akin to self-loathing. “not really giving much of a damn about anything. The females were just warm bodies, sweet smells, disposable pleasure. The love ‘em and leave ‘em idea was my favored means of seduction, which is a terrible thing for a todd to do. Find a pretty bitch, convince her that she’s the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen, take her to some expensive hotel, and be gone by morning. I never thought about them afterward and even now, I can’t remember a single name or a face to attach to a name even if I could.

    “And I carried on like this for years, getting deeper into the bottle with every passing month. I got into fights regularly, slept with pretty much any female who would have me, got thrown out of so many bars that I had to move into a different part of the city just so I could get a drink. Not that it was hard to do that, because by that point I was living out of hotel rooms. By this time, half the time when I woke up I didn’t remember where I was or how I had gotten there or who I had gone there with. Sometimes I woke up to find I had been robbed, but I never even cared about that. Money was as disposable as everything else.”

    “So, what changed?” she asked at length, her brow furrowed and her eyes concerned for the male. Everything about that period of his life seemed so unlike the Nick she knew. The discipline, the skill, the self-control. The caring he showed her.

    “Someone knocked some sense into me,” he said, a distantly affectionate smile crossing his muzzle. Not for her, she knew, but for whoever ‘knocked some sense’ into him, though he didn’t mention the name as he went one. “And because of them, I saw Neveen again for the first time in years. In the news. A new rising star in Zootopia politics, going by the name Kyubi, walking alongside the newly elected mayor Lionheart.”

    He was silent again, looking down at his paws thoughtfully, and this time she made no move to comfort or press him for more information. She just sat with him for what seemed like minutes before he sucked in a breath and exhaled it in the words that followed.

    “She was every bit as bright and full of energy as I remembered before our parents died,” he said, his muzzle turned into a slight frown as he shook his head slowly, “but it was faked. Even as muddled as my mind was, I knew my sister. Every smile she offered the camera, every shy twitch of her ears as she tried to play herself off as demure… Even the sway of her tail was timed. All of it was rehearsed in the extreme.”

    “That’s a lot for a drunk fox to see,” she commented, not doubting but because she was curious of how well he knew his sister that he would be able to see that much from a newscast.

    “We were inseparable as kits,” he supplied, leaning back in the chair and resting his head against the back. Then, without raising his head, he turned his muzzle to face her. “I don’t know. It all just seemed so wrong. When she started to talk about Lionheart being a force for change in the city, the crowd cheered her passion and bravery and I cringed inside. Because what I heard was anger. An old anger that I recognized, because it was one of a dozen things I had been trying to drown in oceans of liquor.”

    “And heartless sex.”

    “Yes,” he said, his muzzle quirking slightly as his eyes met hers fully. Not so much amused as he was pleased, she was sure, because she hadn’t been able to keep the annoyed tones from her voice. “And that.

    “But that was when I decided to get control of myself. I failed, at first. Miserably. Drinking was almost as much a reflexive habit as it was a physical one for a while. The pain came back, the grief, fuzzy memories of heartbroken vixens without faces. It drove me back to the bottle a few times, before I managed to take control of myself. I watched her while I did this. Even when she tried to vanish from the public eye as Kyubi, I kept tabs on her through Flash and Mr. Big’s sources. Watched a Council that she helped elect ‘elect’ her to an office that hadn’t existed before.”

    “She withdrew from the public eye almost entirely before being appointed the role of Administrator by the Council,” Judy confirmed, remembering the rumors that she had actually been assassinated that had run their course, but were dismissed quickly. “Most people in the city, and in the Common Wealth, don’t even know that they’re the same person.”

    “And even fewer know who she really is,” he nodded, “which made sense given what happened to our parents, so I decided to do the same. No one knew who I was, anyway. The Wilde family was dead. So aside from contacting Mr. Big to let him know that I wasn’t passed out in a gutter somewhere – anymore – I removed myself from Zootopia entirely. Got myself a nice setup in the Nocturnal District, somewhere I could watch from a distance without being watched, to see what my angry sister was planning to do with absolute power. It became clear for those who paid attention that things had silently become darker than they were before. Political figures vanishing, an entire district segregated to allow only one species, the return of things like public assassinations.”

    “Did you care about the changes?” she asked, nibbling on her lower lip slightly as she considered the idea that The Administrator was at the heart of everything wrong with Zootopia. Or at least, she sat by and did nothing to stop it.

    “No,” he said, turning to face the table so he could rest his arms on it as he leaned towards her. “I still don’t. I care about Mr. Big, but none of the laws or anything else that has happened since Neveen took power have affected him at all. I am sure this is by design. I worry about my sister, but I am not going to get in her way. She is my family.”

    “Is that why you’re helping me?” she asked, tilting her head slightly as she brought the subject back towards something that she had never gotten an answer to, “because Neveen invited me into the city?”

    “No,” he replied simply, green eyes unwavering. “I saw you on TV, when the reporters were asking you if you had protection. You reminded me of Neveen when she was young: bright and full of hope, but helpless. I didn’t want to see you crushed by what the city has become because of my sister.”

    “You think I’m helpless?” she asked, frowning as she narrowed her eyes at him, something that only caused a slow grin to spread over his muzzle.

    “No. I think you are brave but vulnerable,” he said, reaching one paw across the table towards her, palm pad up. After a moment of hesitation, she reached out to place her paw on it, watching as the much larger paw closed to squeeze gently. She raised her eyes when he continued. “I also think you’re the most dangerous mammal in Zootopia as the city is right now. Which is why I need to protect you.”

    “Because I’m dangerous?”


    “Because I’m not the only one who knows it.”

  • Reading: Programming stuff
  • Watching: Bob's Burgers
  • Playing: Typing
  • Eating: Bojangles

    The paw moved slowly, steadily carrying out the smoothing motion from the tip of the dark nose, over the whiskers, and all the way back over the long muzzle. The fine teeth of the comb set every strand of orange fur perfectly in place after the twenty-fifth stroke, allowing the fox to turn her attention to the other side until similar results were achieved. Neveen watched the vixen in the mirror groom herself, attended to every detail with astute care that she had not taken since she began her rise to power. Generally, the details of her city took too much of her time and while she certainly tended herself and kept herself more than presentable, it had been too long since she had really taken the time to make every detail perfect.

    Then again, it had been a very long time since she had seen Nick, so the extra effort only made sense to her.

    “Madam Administrator,” came the expected feminine voice from the room around her, “your appointment has arrived on time. However…”

    “Miss Hopps is more than welcome to join us,” she interrupted easily, a light smile on her muzzle as her own eyes glinted in the mirror at her. Not at all unexpected. “The elevator is waiting for them.”

    “Yes, ma’am.”

    The unusual feeling of disquiet in her stomach was hard to process. It wasn’t nerves – excited, uneasy, distressed or anything of that sort – that caused the feeling when she turned from the mirror and made her way across the large room. She silently processed the feeling as she quietly stepped down the curved stairs leading to the elevator door, listening to the almost silent hum as it made its way from the lobby up towards her office. Reviewing a list of possible ways that she could greet the fox that was on his way up and fully into her world, she found that she couldn’t really decide on a single one as the most effective. It all left her when the elevator stopped, and the mirrored surface of the doors slid open to show the two mammals within. The genuine warmth of affections that filled her was a little stunning, though she didn’t allow that to show as she opened her arms wide to the handsome Todd in black that stepped out.

    “Nicholas,” she said with that genuine affection filling her voice as she stepped towards him. He was warm and solid against her when she drew him close, allowing her to realize that some part of her had wondered if he had even been alive after the years slipped away and no word from him had come. His slow reaction, hesitation followed by an almost reluctant reply to her strong hug, showed her that she had caught him off guard. But catching him off guard was only a small part of the pleasure of wrapping her arms around him and feeling the embrace returned. “It has been too long. You look…”

    She paused for a moment as she drew back and held him at arm’s length, her gaze sweeping over him up close and personal for the first time in years. He was obviously stronger than he had been, with an edge of danger that was obvious as much from the glint behind emerald green eyes as the fact that she already knew he was capable of killing. He was as handsome as ever, too, but there was also a coolness to it all. Even after the warmth of the hug that had lingered between the two of them for a long moment, she almost imagined a physical distance between them no matter that they were face to face. It wasn’t a blow to her pride or her heart. It was easy enough to tell that the feeling of distance wasn’t directed at her alone: it was directed at the world at large. The silent moment dragged on for a few seconds before she finished her statement with a wistful smile.


    “It comes with the job,” he replied simply, to which she inclined her head in acceptance of the explanation before she turned her attention towards the other mammal in the room. Nicholas seemed inclined to make the introduction as he stepped slightly to the side and gestured with one paw. “This is Judith Hopps, though I’m sure you know that. Judy, this is Neveen.”

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you at last, Judy,” she said informally with one paw extended towards the sharply suited bunny, keeping her ears upright even as she suppressed the mild surprise at the way he had used her real name. “You have caused quite a commotion in Zootopia in a very short time.”

    “Through no fault of my own,” the bunny said, reaching up to take the offered paw. Neveen would have called the shake non-combative, but professionally firm and brief.

    “Oh, don’t take that as an accusation,” she replied, her smile still in place as she gestured for the two of them to follow her as she mounted the stairs back into the main room. “It’s not your fault that this city has some elements that resist the idea of justice.”

    “There are elements in every city that resist the idea of justice,” Hopps replied, her tone as crisp and tidy as the suit she wore. “Though it’s not as common for them to resist as violently as I’ve encountered since I arrived.”

    “Yes,” she replied, allowing just a hint of annoyance to creep into her voice, waving them to the two seats that were already waiting for them. Having made her way to her own chair as they took hers, she faced them with the gathering storm above the city outside making the room a dull gray around them. She lowered herself into the seat with an almost regal air about her, though she didn’t see it as such before she continued. “Some less expected than others. But that’s not simply resistance to justice. Do you understand what I mean, Nicholas?”

    “I have already given her the moths to the flame speech,” was his only reply as he reclined on the chair, crossing one leg over as his gaze remained fixed on the storm behind her.

    “Have you?” she replied, smiling slightly as she took note of the surprised frown that crossed the bunny’s muzzle as her gaze drifted over to the Todd. “Well, the point remains the same. There are always those who will take advantage of unusual circumstances to show their true colors. Someone they believe they don’t like causing trouble in a place they love, for example. Though they never understand that the love for a place, such as Zootopia, only carries so far as that place holds to their own beliefs. Do you think this is why someone in Zootopia is trying to remove you, Miss Hopps?”

    “I don’t think that I am as important as everyone is making me out to be,” was her reply, causing the vixen to raise one brow. “It’s not me that someone is after. It is stopping me from getting to the truth. Even the Otterton case isn’t important, but the fact that someone successfully framed him for the murder of his wife even though there was never real evidence to support that.”

    “What makes you so certain he isn’t the murderer the courts convicted him of being?”

    “What makes you so certain that he is?” was the quick retort, which caused a please smile to spread over her long, slender muzzle as she shook her head.

    “Oh, I don’t think he is guilty at all,” she replied, her eyes shifting to Nick again. He still wasn’t even looking at her, which caused a little twinge of both annoyance and sadness. But she pressed on without letting either of them show. “I am absolutely certain that he’s innocent. I know the mammal, after all. There isn’t a killer’s bone anywhere in his body, which is saying something about a predator. And he did love his wife so much. No, I believe he would have chopped off his own paws and feet if he believed they could be used to hurt her.”

    “Then why are you allowing this to happen at all?” Judy asked, keeping her tone professional even though the words held obvious demand for an answer. “You could pardon him instead of forcing this very public spectacle from going on.”

    “But that wouldn’t really solve anything, now would it?” Her smile was benevolent as, with a simple hand gesture, the first few steps of her complex chair rose soundlessly to form a desk in front of her. She then leaned forward to rest her elbows on that desk, her paws folded as the two of them held eyes steadily. She had expected little else from a bunny willing to enter a city very much controlled by foxes, all while under the protection of a fox that was a mystery to the city at large. “A governmental pardon would be seen as a ploy to gain favor with certain groups. Legally, it absolves guilt and grants freedom from whatever charges are pardoned. But in the eyes of the people, it almost always leaves room for doubt. Mammals at large have always been wary of favors from the government, even if they are in the best interest of the people. It would be far more productive if someone, namely you, were to prove his innocence in a ‘very public spectacle.’”

    “To not only prove his innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt but to ensure that you look like the good Samaritan because you set the wheels in motion when you invited me to represent Mr. Otterton,” Hopps said, her tone both thoughtful and certain of her final statement. A statement which she saw no reason to deny as a light laugh escaped her muzzle.

    “Yes, that’s it exactly. I am a political figure that was never elected to office, after all,” she said, waving one paw only slightly towards the city all around them. “Not by the mammals of Zootopia, directly. I was elected by the Council, who were themselves elected by the mammals of Zootopia, to oversee the day-to-day administration so that they would be free to peruse the larger issues of their own stations. Thus the title they placed on my station.”

    “And set you in an office that sits on the highest point in the city, above the Council itself?”

    “It is important to keep perspective, Miss Hopps,” she said thinly before she drew herself to her feet, the desk withdrawn back into the steps at her feet automatically, gesturing for the bunny to follow as she walked towards the outer rim of the precipice so she could look out over the dome. What had been a distant storm had closed in, the sheets of rain that fell as it moved towards the tower causing the city to take on a hazy grey look. Once the bunny had joined her, looking up at her for a moment before following her gaze to look out over the entirety of the western bay and stretching on to the mountain ranges of the Nocturnal District, she continued. “This is the perspective the Council wanted me to have. As Zootopia grows and becomes more complex, the Council found it harder to focus on the tasks they were elected to perform – be it Education, Finance, military, etc – and they started to see the need for someone to look at the big picture.”

    It pleased her that Hopps was not quite able to mask her awe at the view she was given, the twitch of that adorable bunny nose twitching as her gaze moved over the splendor of the city being rebuilt by her careful paws. Not a simple vanity of knowing that she had ‘the best seat in the house’, but because she herself was still awed by it at times.

    “The big picture, like risking the life of an innocent lawyer for the sake of scoring political points with the populace?”

    They both blinked and turned towards the sound of Nick’s voice, who had remained seated without seeming even remotely interested in taking in the spectacular view of the city. Of course, she knew that he would be familiar with the view, even if the Apex itself was a new addition to the top of The Tower. More than that, though, was the returning annoyance when she realized that he wasn’t looking at her. He wasn’t looking at either of them, in fact.

    “I know that I am being used as a scapegoat,” Judy said, drawing the gaze of both foxes with the matter of fact tone of her voice. Neveen looked down at her, a slight tilt in her head when lavender eyes rose to meet gold. “I was fully prepared to come into the city alone, expecting that some mammals might try to kill me just because I am a bunny. Because a bunny wouldn’t be welcome. It seems like a long time ago that I was that naïve, even though I’ve hardly been here a week.”

    “Bunnies have never been as reviled in Zootopia as the Commonwealth would have its population believe,” the vixen confirmed, a grim expression on her muzzle as they both returned their gazes to the city. “Most of the population is in favor of lifting the ban, but the Council still hesitates because of pressure from outside of our borders. There are no ravenous hordes of foxes marching the streets in search of lost bunnies on the outskirts, after all.”

    The anecdote was obviously well known if the drop in Hopps’ ears was any indication, though she recovered from it quickly enough when she turned away from the view to face her directly. A favor that she returned with her paws clasp together nearly in front of her.

    “But there are people who want me dead. And whoever they might be, they seem to want my execution to be public at the very least,” she added, causing the vixen to raise an eyebrow before giving a short nod. “And because you stepped over the current laws to let me represent Otterton, someone – perhaps multiple someones – could take advantage of my death to point the blame at  you.”

    “Which would, very effectively, ensure that all trust in me as Administrator would evaporate,” Neveen finished with a slight smile, more pleased now than ever with her choice in Hopps. “And would also destabilize the public trust in the Council, because they are the ones who put me where I am today.”

    “But you already knew that,” Nick chimed in, drawing her gaze again, and her frown when she saw that he was still looking off into the distance at some random point on the skyline rather than at her. “That is why you had someone ready to swoop in and save the day when the first attack came.”

    “Nicolas,” she said shortly, folding her arms over her chest as unavoidable annoyance caused her ears to tilt down halfway. “If you’re going to accuse me, you could at the very least do me the courtesy of acknowledging that I still exist. I know we haven’t spoken in years, but it’s childish of you to avoid looking at me…”

    “He’s looking at me.”

    As soft as the voice was, it still caused the fur on the back of her neck to stand on end when both she and Judy turned towards the sound. What looked like any other small part of Zootopia’s massive skyline, blended between the mountain ranges and dark storm clouds in the distance, a shimmer of air and light bent to the familiar lean shape and tall, high-set ears. Out of his standard gear, the tall black-striped rabbit wore only black training pants and the simple vest that housed his newly replaced holo-emitter on his chest. A vest that barely managed to cover the bandages that she knew still bound his ribs. This was enough to have her setting her teeth, though it was not enough to distract her from the fact that Hopps was moving towards Nick, who had risen from his seat.

    “Jack,” she said calmly, forcing her face and ears to calm when he walked over to stand beside her, just as Hopps moved to stand beside Nicholas. Setting aside the surprise of not only his appearance but the fact that Nicholas had been aware of his presence when she had not, she slipped on an easy smile. “I told you that everything would be fine without you. Nicholas would never hurt me. Would you?”

    There was a long moment of tense silence as the four of them stood and watched each other, a not-so-subtle tension in the air built of curiosity, mistrust, and a desire by all parties to know more than what they already did. She could see that Jack was unarmed, as if he needed his blades to be dangerous, and while she had taken no steps to disarm the Todd across from her, Neveen also felt that she knew he would not hurt her. The moment passed when a slash of lightning split the sky around them, and while the Apex dome kept the thunder that followed from being heard, the slow exhalation from one male in the room seemed an apt replacement for it.

    “You know I would never hurt you, Neveen,” Nick said, his eyes leaving the buck beside her long enough to meet her gaze.

    The gaze locked and held for a long moment, during which Neveen felt a small pang of longing for the way things had been. But when his gaze dropped from hers to the bunny beside him as one russet paw placed on her shoulder, she reminded herself that those days were far gone and impossible to find again.

    When lightning arced across the sky again, she frowned in mild annoyance as she turned her eyes to look out over the city and the misty gray that now hung over it. Drawing a deep breath slowly enough that it wouldn’t be noticed by those around her, the vixen released it with a light, airy laugh.

    “This was all a little melodramatic, don’t you think?” she said, forcing her gaze to soften as she looked between the Todd and bunny for a moment before she walked towards her desk after gesturing for them to follow her. In part, she did it get her eyes off of him so she could gather herself and brush aside the pestering sentimentality that kept pulling at her. Making her want to be closer to Nick than either of them was ready to admit. And in part, it was because she wanted to show off. Just a little. To make herself feel better and more in control. “Let’s change the mood, shall we?”

    Stepping onto the dais and taking her seat, she tapped a few keys on the display to her right to bring up a menu. Once she saw Nick and Hopps take their seats, and felt the presences of Jack on the edges of her vision, she made her selection. The dome around them rippled silently for a moment before light started to slide over the surface, shimmering as the storm outside was slowly transformed. Clouds went from dark gray and angry to white, fluffy and sparse. Gloomy skies and rain became the warm glow of sunlight, which radiated down on the city as the storm was replaced by a picturesque sunny day.

    A pleased sigh escaped her as she looked around for a moment and was gratified when she turned her eyes back to Hopps to see an expression of surprise, pleasure, and a little bewilderment on her face.

    “Illusions, of course,” she clarified, waving an idle paw towards the dome around them. “The Apex dome is not simple glass. It’s a weave of holographic emitters, not unlike Jack’s suit. Unlike his suit, however, when the object is stationary any number of illusions can be brought to life. Generally, the projection is just what you would see outside as if you were truly looking through the glass, but when there is a drastic need for a change in scenery I can look out over the city however I want.”

    “Is that how you see Zootopia?” Hopps asked, violet eyes returning to her with a very slight incline in her head. “Something where you can project the illusion of peace and stability, no matter what’s really happening right under your muzzle?”

    “All cities do that, Miss Hopps,” she said, her tone kept pleasant easily because she was feeling more in her own element again. “Every government for every city on the planet puts forth an illusion of perfect beauty and serenity. It attracts those who want to come and take part in it, brings tourists, allows most of the population to live in peace with the knowledge that they are a part of such a great and culturally advanced society. And in most cases, these governments don’t do it because they want to fool anyone: they do it because that is what they really want their city to be. It gives them and the mammals that live under their umbrella something to strive for.”

    “While at the same time keeping them blind to the rot at the heart of it all,” Nick said, drawing her narrowed gaze for a moment before she relaxed back into her chair.

    “Not to argue against you, because a lot of what you said is partly true, Madam Administrator,” Hopps said, even her professional courtroom tone, which she used very well, far less neutral than the words of the Todd had been, “but Nick is right. Glossing over the truth with an illusion of perfection never helps anything. I consider the Otterton trial to be a prime example of what happens when someone interrupts the illusion, forcing hands to move to keep the illusion in place.

    “And I don’t believe you had anything to do with that,” she said quickly with one paw raised when Neveen narrowed her eyes, “but when the illusion benefits certain groups that are cloaked within it, they will act to protect it with or without your consent. Such as sending alleged assassins after a lawyer who is working to undo a wrong perpetrated by the system.”

    “A lawyer who I invited into Zootopia,” the vixen replied with a benign smile curving her lips as she leaned back in the seat and idly tapped her paws on the arm of her chair. “What you’re talking about is governments trying to keep control by offering ideas and doing nothing to make those ideas come to pass as long as it secures their office. That is when the promises of a great city like Zootopia become an illusion and it is not what I am doing. I am trying to change the city for the better, trying to bring what Zootopia could be to reality.”

    She paused for a moment, taking some small pleasure in the fact that Hopps seemed to be considering her words, and far less pleasure in the way Nick was watching her. Watching her if he didn’t believe her. Watching her like she was the enemy. She had to resist the urge to look away from them, kept her ears upright as she focused her attention on the bunny instead.

    “As people who know the truth, you have to ask yourself,” she continued as she looked over and gestured to the sunny day over Zootopia that they all knew was a trick of light and technology, “would you rather bask in the sun while working at clear the shadows, or would you rather struggle to stay dry in the storm while the shadows surround you?”

    Hopps frowned slightly, looking unconvinced but thoughtful as their eyes met. It was going to have to do for now. If the Otterton case could be proven and at least that piece of the puzzle was laid bare, then maybe the idealistic little bunny would come to realize that Zootopia would heal under the careful attention of an Administrator. Something that Neveen knew she needed to happen if her plans for the city were to move forward as she planned. The idea of needed to rework her plans at the whims of a Common Wealth lawyer did not sit well with her, but it would have to do.

    With that she had learned from the reporter, however, it seemed that everything was indeed going as planned if not by the same course she had intended.

    “I suppose with that said, we both have our parts to play,” she said, her tone cheerful as she rose from her seat and moved towards the two of them with a sway of both her tail and her hips. “I have shadows to chase and you, Miss Hopps, have a case to win in the morning.”

    “Yes, you’re right of course,” Hopps said as they both rose, though it was Hopps who looked up at her and extended a paw. A small smile played over Neveen’s muzzle as she reached out to take it, russet paws closed over the much smaller one in a courteous if cool shake on both their parts. “I am glad to have had this chance to meet you and thank for the token gesture of choosing me to represent Otterton.”

    “As I should thank you for accepting it,” she replied, aware and amused by her insistence that it was a token gesture. She was certain that Hopps didn’t believe that any more than she did, as a token would not be expected to create change. And while they both had different ideas of what that change might be, that didn’t make it any less amusing.

    “You should call Big. He misses you,” Nick said a moment later as she was walking them towards the elevator, aware that Jack was following her even with his lack of input or sound in general.

    A quick sliver of annoyance rippled through her particularly because of the curious, suspicious interest that the bunny directed at him when he dropped the name. She didn’t allow it to reach the surface, however, pausing with the key in her paw as they reached the elevator.

    “I’m not sure that would be the best idea right now, Nicholas,” she said, keeping her expression carefully neutral when she turned to face him. “There is nothing to say that hasn’t been said already and nothing that can be said that would change anything.”

    “All right,” he said, surprising her with the softer unhappy notes in his voice. And more when he stepped closer to her, raising one paw to rest it on her shoulder while green eyes gazed into hers for a long moment before he drew her into a warm hug. “I’ll let him know that you’re as stubborn as ever.”

    It brought a little smile to her muzzle even as it caused a little crack in Neveen’s heart, but she returned the hug with her muzzle pressed into his shoulder for a few seconds. The familiar scent of him tempted her to linger, to hold onto this sliver of her life from before, to ask him to stay at her side even. But the moment the embrace was broken, all of those things evaporated as quickly as the warmth in his eyes. She turned to insert the key into the elevator lock, watching the doors as they opened before she turned to face them.

    “Good luck with your case, Miss Hopps,” the Administrator said, her gaze following them as they stepped into the elevator while she held the door open for a moment longer before turning the key again to let them close. “And do be careful of the wolves.”


    Not a word was said between them during the ride down the elevator, and the silence was not comfortable. The tension in the air was so thick that her nose twitched as she stared at the reflective surface of the doors. A quick look at Nick in that reflection showed her a male that looked troubled and unhappy, even if he was trying his best to put on his normally stoic mask.

    The Administrator… No, the vixen had gotten to him.

    Judy had seen many sides of him since he had taken up the mantle of protecting her, even if the calm was the face he normally wore. He could be warm, serious, sarcastic, determined, supportive, passionate, funny and cold as ice. But those faces, the ones that he kept hidden, were almost always for her. Today, she had seen new emotions: sadness and hopeful.

    And wasn’t it strange and narrow of her, that seeing these emotions brought out in him by someone else made her feel jealous?

    It was far from the only thing that troubled her, however. Everything about the short conversation had bothered her, even if it had been enlightening. There was some degree of relief in the knowledge that the Administrator did seem to be on the side of the law in the Otterton case. Her reasoning for not interfering made perfect sense, on one level. But it still came across as cold to allow an innocent mammal to sit in prison when the belief in his innocent and the power to release him was there, whatever the reaction of the public might have been.

    She remained silent as they walked to the car, running the entire conversation through her mind again.

    All in all, she had no idea what to make of the Administrator. It was easy enough on the surface to say that the vixen had the best interests of the city in mind, but her beliefs simply didn’t align with Judy’s. But working in law, Judy was often faced with aspects of the law that did not suit her well. Criminals were often released on technicalities, unfair sentencing was common, biased juries that were perfectly within their rights to be biased as long as they didn’t say they were biased out loud. The world was not a perfect place, so it was hard to hold a candle to someone stepping outside of the realm of common decency in an attempt to make it better. Or at least her idea of better. But what price was there to pay for that sort of improvement? Involvement with a rabbit that Nick believed was one of the most dangerous mammals in the city? The alleged assassination of a high profile military leader?

    What lengths had she gone to, herself? Aligning herself with a fox she knew nothing about; one who was capable of killing without signs of regret or that he was impacted by it all. A fox who dropped the name of the well-known mob boss, Mr. Big, to one of the most powerful people in the world without batting an eye or twitching an ear. She had even questioned whether or not he had been Yūrei while still under his care and had simply taken him at his word that he was not. Not because she hadn’t believed him capable of doing what the seemingly mythical figure was famous for, but because she hadn’t wanted to believe that he would.

    But in reality, could she make that assumption with a clear conscience?

    When she pulled herself out of these thoughts long enough to realize where she was, the car was coming to a stop in front of her office. The silence was almost overwhelming when the fox beside her shut off the engine. Her paws tightened in her lap as she tried to work up the courage to say when she needed to say, something that might well damage whatever feelings the two of them had started to form for each other. And when he reached for the door handle to exit the car, she finally did speak.

    “How do you know the Administrator, Nick?”

    “It’s not important.”

    The tone was as distant as it was dismissive, and just as the door popped open, she reached out to grab the sleeve of his jacket. When he stopped, she met green eyes with anger reflecting in her own.

    “That’s not good enough anymore, Nick,” she said firmly with her ears pinned flat against her head, squeezing her fingers painfully tight around the fabric when he tried to pull his arm away. “There is too much going on around me that I don’t know, and almost all of it revolves around you. This is too dangerous for me not to know anything, when I should know everything.”

    His paw fell away from the door handle, his ears dropping to the side as his eyes turned forward, staring blankly out of the windshield of the car for a long moment as she let the words hang between them. But she only let them hang long enough for her to gather her courage and her sanity before she continued.


    “You’re going to tell me everything, Nick, or we’re finished.”

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Nick's Captive Christmas (Erotic) Part 1
Captive Christmas
    Everywhere outside of the city, a layer of freshly fallen snow three feet deep coated the ground in shimmering piles - soft, fluffy mounds of white. She knew this because of the weather reports, her parents calling to let her know to expect snow for her trip home, and because the weather near the waterfront of the Docks District was showing the first light dustings of snow flurries as the temperature dropped below freezing. Any other time, she would have enjoyed the way tiny white flakes of endless variety dusted the front of her car and splatted against her windshield to be swept away by the windshield wipers; the way the first few minutes of it touched the ground only to melt instantly until the ground was cold enough for it to stick; the way it suited the holiday by making everything seem bright and new; and the way it made her feel safe and cozy in her ZPD-issued, unmarked car with the heater keeping the cold

Part 2 
Nick's Captive Christmas - Christmas Is The Best    It was cold. The temperature outside was hovering just below freezing, allowing the world beyond the windows to remain blanketed in the pristine white that only existed on days when no one had anywhere to go. Unmarked by the passage of tires or feet, at least this early in the morning, the fresh coating of snow continued to rise slowly as fat flakes fluttered by at a lazy but consistent pace. The windows and walls were no real barrier against the cold, of course. It had seeped into the bedroom until it seemed to radiate from the walls, causing even the surface of the blanket to be frigid to the touch.
    This cold, however, didn’t really reach the gray bunny. Or, at the very least, it was overpowered by the warm cocoon she had wrapped herself in. A cocoon where the inside of that very same blanket was heated by the large furred body spooned behind her. Large paws that were wrapped possessively around her midriff, that long handsome muz

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Deviant Art has a no NSFW thing in place already, which is why Tumblr was where we posted Wilde Academy. As soon as we know where we're going with it, we'll update everyone.
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