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Turin and Lalaith

"He played with her seldom, and liked better to guard her unseen"
Tolkien, "Narn i Hîn Húrin"

...but "seldom" doesn't mean "never";)
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This is beautiful. Makes the story of Túrin seem even more tragic. Thank you for sharing it.

I included this in a post on the chapter "Of Túrin Turambar" on my site:…

Hope that's OK!
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sure!:) thanks
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So beautiful yet so sad.   
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Yeah, their story is so sad :(
TheLadyofImladris's avatar
That family just couldn't catch a break.
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Adorable! This picture has lovely colours too.
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I absolutely *love* your illustrations of young Turin. Inclusing this one! :heart:
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I love the dreamlike quality of it - very faint, suiting her sad story :(
It's a bit as if this was a dream of Turin of the happy days before she died, a light, but faint memory and a silver child's laugh...
At least that's how I imagine it ;)
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So beautiful... so sad... :)
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Aww, thiss is so sweet. Just makes all their fates seem ever so much more so like...."sheeesh, hard luck."
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I felt tears on my cheeks when I saw them on this drawing and then remembered how they ended:(
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Tak... Smutna historia
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Oh, jesteś Polką.. Wybacz, tak się zamyśliłam nad ich losami,że aż nie sprawdziłam..^^ Tak, to prawda, smutna i przejmująca, jedna z najbardziej przygnębiających historii Mistrza..
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:aww: My heart bleeds for both of them when I see them so happy...
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It's such a pity they enjoyed each other's presence for so short. But there's so much grief to the story of Turin that I wanted to draw something more cheerful:)
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