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Wanted to point you toward our organization which seeks to reduce / remove the stigma of mental illness through the arts. Perhaps you'd consider exhibiting in our next show?
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Way too late to be looking at your art, man! >.<'' ...i'll continue tommorrow.
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The depiction is accurate.
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It's as if your aura compressed you tightly and avoided movement so much that it's intensity shaped itself until you felt you were in something else's skin.  Feels like as if you're some sort of mutant who is desperate and longing a miracle to come and rip this detaining veil away.  Sure their is always hope, but at times we have to get out of things for ourselves and discover ourselves within that period of time and make this compressed feeling into armor and gain the defenses needed to blossom.  Eventually you'd be able to fend off stronger foes but we always go through this harsh stage for a multitude of reasons and the cycle of growth goes on at your proper speed withing the right support.
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this is amazing!  the mood is perfect...
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You captured the feeling within her.
Excellent. :wow:
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Hm...interesting, I like it
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Stunning picture! I love the colors you used. They aren't all dark, yet they fit the mood perfectly. Also the fact that you painted a nude body that is sort of twisted or dissappearing is amazing :D
It looks awesome!
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Love this nude which perfectly captures the state...
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