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Just back to clean up and refresh things around here and maybe upload some new art.
said the duck to the newt.
  • Listening to: random tunes
  • Reading: subtitles
  • Watching: everything
  • Playing: halo series in segments
  • Eating: what ever I can find
  • Drinking: water and too much tea
is how it is right now, stuck at my dads place waiting to move into my new uni house. Have absolutly nothing to do and have to use a pretty basic laptop that can't handle much more than running the web and music.

fun times.
  • Listening to: little bitchard
  • Reading: online news
  • Watching: random programs my dad seems to think are good.
  • Playing: patapon the other day
  • Eating: home made cottage pie nom
  • Drinking: water and too much tea
dedicated to the understanding of German expressionism and it's involvement founding film noir. Oh the excitement...
  • Listening to: M83
  • Reading: wikipedia
  • Watching: facejacker
  • Playing: nothing T_T
  • Eating: burgers, sausages, chips and onion gravy
  • Drinking: crap tonne of water!
For one, I need to get some art work done(as usual) and two I'm loving contra. =D First time I've ever played a game where i can a. hold on to a helicopter gunships missile and b. fire at shit whilst holding on with 1 arm.
I'm amazed by it and slightly hypnotized.
  • Listening to: Nubbin
  • Reading: text boxes in secret of mana
  • Playing: secret of mana/metal gear solid
  • Eating: BBQ and lettuce wraps
  • Drinking: milk and/or water
Need to start finding this inspiration I lack.
Recently I've become more of a consumer and less or a creator and it's killing me, hopefully soon I'll work some stuff out.
grr... for now i'm full of boredom. ._.

bears and sun, bears and sun!! BEARS n' SUN. '__'
  • Listening to: infected mushroom
  • Playing: dragon age - bored tho
  • Eating: pasta?
  • Drinking: cider/vodka tonight. tea now.
wow! o_x