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Image size update

Sorry folks, because of many violations, I no longer provide my works in FullHD. All new works will be submitted in basic HD only. Mainly because many people just removed my signature and
uploaded the outcome on different wallpaper sites, where some even used them for album covers (which almost all are now claimed by my DMCA copyright). Also I really hate reading copyright infringement letters in the morning - and it's really both time consuming and frustrating (sometimes expensive) to remove them.

Although I'm currently working with my Patreon account, where those who really like to support me are able to receive wallpapers up to 4k and much more.

Also people are now able to donate to me via Paypal. All donations will be funding my future DMCA takedowns. So yeah - people should be afraid when they steal artists works. For example look here: (also .ru and .me)- this guy just removes signatures. As Website informer states - the owner of those domains is Konstantin Korolev: "We do not adhere to very strict rules to the aspect ratio, so you can find as a wallpapers or just a picture, without any cut or signatures on the image." - anyway - 1zoom - I'm coming after you!

Oh well...
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Signed prints. Many people has requested these from me and yes, I have made some. To keep them rare and exclusive, I have set the milestone for each print. If the milestone is reached - the print will be automatically available.

Artwork format is A1, which is about 594 x 841 mm, which for all time travelers out there is just about 23.4 x 33.1in. Frame is not included.

My personally signed and embossed prints are limited to 10 copies only - so there is no time to waste when these are available (they are also numbered like: 1/10, 2/10...). All prints are on high quality ColorStar 180 g mate paper.

Price per print is 60 €, but first five people can use specific discount code for each print to get extra 10 € off from their first purchase.

Shipping is included in price and artworks will be delivered even on North-Pole if there is a way and need.

If You have any questions - feel free to leave them in comments.

My online "shop" thingy:…
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How are everybody? My short 2 week "holiday" is near it's end and tomorrow I need to start working again. Weather also didn't disappoint - 95% rain. At least got something done in my house - need to order some concrete to fill my floors with it - then I need to start taking down the walls - don't see myself in this house at least 6 months (yeah me - graphic designer managed to get some money to run this party).

Need to keep working to make this happen. I'm currently messing with some Current Value projects. Almost sold some licenses as book cover too - didn't happen sadly.

Trying to keep myself motivated - need to work - hard.
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Just hear it:…
and look that work:…

I don't blame if it's not your kind of material, but if you like it - buy it:……/…̷…

Released by: Agnost1k Records
Release date: 15 June 2015

I didn't made the typo but it's fine.

It's that rare time in DA history when they would like to hear our voices and this is what they came up with - for real. You may call me stupid, but who actually made this survey?
Instead of asking simple yes or no questions they have made psychological mambo jambo test for us.
Like for example - asking this simple question: Would we like header images? - they have asked how we feel about it - like it would be a feature you can't turn on or off. Simple Yes or No would be simple, but NO - "I can live with it that way " - what this even means??? Simple - Yes or No answers would be all we need: Yes I like header image feature - No, I don't like header image feature - or Don't know

And they wonder why people don't like to take those surveys.

Today I realized that I haven't watched those for ages (after deviantart removed them from footer) - is it point to get those anymore? Cause I remember that when you got a DD - your artwork managed easily to get 5k watches per day, but now it's more like around 500 or so (aka 10x less than before). What do you think mates?

Visited Finland last week - took some time off cause I really needed it. Saw my friends there and had BBQ in snow and wind (perfect).

Started working with Hello Games No Man's Sky project - will see how it turns out. I hope to make some really colorful art for them (even if they don't really like the colors lol :D but as usually I will try).

Also one guy managed to sell my artwork to a band as a cover art for their CD. Band itself contacted me about this issue soon after they got some comments about rip off. SO I tried to contact with the "designer", but he blocked me and the band - after that I let dmca remove his fanpage. Currently there is like a slight problem getting my lost payment from him (I have tried to contact with his friends and relatives about this) - BUT if you happen to read this, remember that you have one month to send me a payment or I will give this to my lawyers to handle and as you may already know - I don't fool around. God I to hate send those copyright letters in the morning...

Today I woke up and saw an email from DA in my inbox - it told me that I had received an 12 months premium membership and I had no clue why anyone do that for me (some may know my reasons lol). BUT anyway, now I have it and I can flash my damn star to anyone - BOOOM! "But Kuldar - how could I get myself one?" - it's actually quite simple - you just need to follow this mate:

who is looking to hand out 12, 12-month premium memberships this upcoming year. Ideally 1 a month. Sometime mid January he is planning on updating his profile with information about the memberships and how you can possibly land one for yourself. More info here:…

#12monthpremium #dougfromfinance

Some months ago a guy from ImagineFX contacted me about feature on ImaginFX magazine and I did know that it would be released in October and he promised to wrote me a message about that - anyway - no message came, but after some google-ing I found it. Also I actually don't get this ImagineFX issue date thingy, but I'm ImagineFX december issue 115 "Artist of the month" - BOOOM! They claim that i won myself a copy of Exposé 11 and d’artiste: Character Design but currently I haven't been contacted about that.…

Tiny text:

In his own words, Kuldar’s drawings have always looked “futuristic and weird.” The Estonian creative studied contraction and technical drawing for three years, before enrolling at art school to focus on graphic design. He works as a designer and art director at an ad agency, drawing in his spare time. “I do digital art just for myself and
just for fun,” Kuldar says. “Every piece is a challenge for me. Some works are inspired by my daily life; some are just raw doodles that turn into butterflies.”

1. Void sector “It’s obviously a sector to avoid. I wanted to give it
this destroyed look with an enormous sense of scale – that’s why there are always figures in my paintings. It enables the viewer to put themselves in the character’s position and get a real feel for the setting.”

Artist of the month:
Congratulations Kuldar – you’ve won yourself a copy of Exposé 11 and d’artiste: Character Design! To find out more about these two great books, go to

Artist crit:
Daniel Dociu, video game art director, appreciates Kuldar’s skilful use of space
“The image impresses through the vastness of the space. The details in the peripheral areas draw the viewer in. Overall, it’s a powerful, memorable piece.”

That's it  I bet there is an galley somewhere (cause i provided them some works for that) but I haven't found it yet.

Join us on my facebook fan page:…

It's a live!

I have lot of traffic going trough my website, so here is main result:
I got 11,5% more likes on Facbook compared with last week just because I pointed out my stats on my website.
That is pretty good I think :) Currently it's just working, but if DA API would be better it could make more reliable solution,
maybe even a plugin for wordpress.
Hello internet - it's me again - Kuldar.

Does anyone know how to get watchers count from DA?

I wondered around DA API and realized that it can't do anything else than getting thumbnails from DA.
So I tought to use PHP and PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser:

$DA = file_get_html('…);
= $
DA->find('p[id=ViewsTotalDiv]', 0);
echo $

but then I realized that DA load this info with javascript after it loads the page - I get everything else than gallery stats - shit just got real right?
It would be really cool if some of you know how to handle this problem - it's not something I need to now, but it would be cool to know how.
And i believe it would be helpful for somebody else too :)