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"Zombots" - coverart for Bad Taste Recordings next EP by Zombie Cats.…

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Amazing pic, I really love it💕
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May I hazard a guess that Kanye West may be an influence? It looks quite similar to one of his concert outfits.
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What a great idea!
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Kill Casshern.... Consume Casshern
Everything you make is amazing. Im sad that you dont have the 1080p downloads anymore, but when I get money on the side you will be the first artist that I will support, probably the only one. Keep up the great work.
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Thanks a lot - though it might be a good idea to but two things together (buy print and get wallpapers up to 4K too).
So only true followers can get the wallpapers - even though, if someone decides to upload them (which isn't cool, but at least someone supported me to get those lol) :)
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Awesome concept! This is the future haha'! Whoa Emoticon 
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better than regular zombies
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Scavenging the wreckage. I'll check them out.
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I love the idea of that, plus I love the lasers coming from the eyes. Good work!
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I freaking love zombie cyborgs! Every heard of the Sleepers of Avarrach?
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Facinating beatiful (WUT?) nice job you are really good at shading
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Brilliant work - loving the lighting effects.
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