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sercncavs's avatar
You know what, I really love to live in your drawings. Exactly what I imagine most of the times but I lack of skill...
wuestenbrand's avatar
Great Work .. :D ..
Mazeonek's avatar
I love your clouds(sorry if that's off topic) I just can't draw clouds to save my life.
KuldarLeement's avatar
:) cloud are hard sir - even i have trouble painting them.
You may try to find some tutorials - maybe these will help:
1. [link]

Mazeonek's avatar
Thank you, I think I will find these more than useful. Twenty Internets for you.
muchobares's avatar
Nice !! Dalí influence
MaddyJordan's avatar
Wow, that thing is huge. Good job with the figure to add a size difference. This looks beautiful.
CommanderEVE's avatar
Interesting, where did you get the ideas for this? it's quite abstract. ;) I love the colours too.
KuldarLeement's avatar
Thanks, sketching is the answer : [link] - i used variable styles and yesterday i just used one of them :)
CommanderEVE's avatar
You are welcome.

Thats awesome!
Hameed's avatar
Loving the sense of scale, awesome.
dpcdpc11's avatar
now that turns my imagination on! what can that be? is it a space ship? a building? or both? or maybe an escape pod?
zilekondic's avatar
Almost minimalistic! I like the clearness of the shapes, shading-wise. I can immediately envision it being three-dimensional. The gradation of the skies and atmospheric perspective just give it more plausibility. Awesome work.
SkillZombie's avatar
An exuberant display of atmospheric toning and depth that immerses the viewer within the rusted red plains of the landscape; craters dominating the landscape and monolithic metal contructs decorate the landscape.

I do like the distant haze effect you've added as it really buids onto the scaling depth of the landscape. However, some of the clouds in the sky could use a bit of refinement as it appears a bit too sharp in contrast to everything else. Keep working on it though and it'll come out great. :)
KuldarLeement's avatar
Thank you :aww: and you have probably right about these clouds - if i have some free time i will work with them :)
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