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Stellar collision

Stellar collision - new work - started this last week - made a lot of madelbulb for this one - turned out quite interesting.


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my god how beautiful <3 how do i download this art i really want

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WOOF! Breathtaking! This is wonderful to just state at.
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Had to come by and say how much I absolutely love this. It's breathtaking and my favorite of your works. 
stormssc's avatar
I've been using this wallpaper for years now, I'm never changing it again.
GeekyBell's avatar
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
I was searching google for fantasy wallpapers and this is all over online on different sites as a free wallpaper. Wasn't sure if you are aware of that. You have a beautiful gallery!
Fridden's avatar
Love the colours.
Reckless15581's avatar
Moonglow by Wisp X got me here. Awesome picture used for an awesome song.
Tnynfox's avatar
Both classical and scifi elements
Wow wow wow wow wow..Wow..
ParsaGraphics's avatar
Amazing... Your gallery is killing me... Good Luck man...
Diylion's avatar
amazing, just completely breathtaking
lionxdz's avatar
que coisa linda de se ver "what a beatiful art to see in morning got my heart"
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Stellar is the only way to describe it. Wow... +fav Heart I think I've fainted. 
huesuxart's avatar
Your gallery is killing can one person make such beautiful art 
Roxalew's avatar
Beautiful beyond comprehension <3 especially the colours Rainbow animated heart 
LoZGamer316's avatar
Haha, I like how there's this gorgeous cosmic... thing... going on in the background. Then just this magic stag, casually eating space grass.
Tysina's avatar
Great work! Looks amazing!
aenru's avatar
Listening to MixHound brought me here. :) I like this piece.
Volinfer's avatar
This is just gorgeous ._.
mockingbirdontree's avatar
That's an amazing artwork! So magical and dynamic! Fantastically beautiful!
Zynkrop's avatar
There is only one thing to do here.
"In Favourites"!Heart 
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