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No way - another?

This artwork is done for Othercide Records Freqax - "Meant To Believe" LP - landing on earth: 29/04/2016
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Hello there, I was wondering if I could use this beautiful piece as a cover for a scenario i'm writing for the Alien RPG. Cheers and excellent work!

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Wow man, you really captured the vast creepiness of space in this one. Well done!

How can I download it ?

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just loving it
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oddly reminds me of the death star
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LOVE this. Takes me back to the cover art of 1070's to early 80's sci-fi novels...
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"Let's get that sat fixed quickly and hit the pub on the way back."
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Earth......., disintegrated billions of years before.
A lone starship, arrives at a lone asteroid.
The crew find eerie hieroglyphs.
"Bruce and Don -19"
"Half Dome Blo's"
"Legal' POT"

The great artifact is hauled back to Homewirlt,
where scientist poor over it.
Soon, ancient alien theorists chirp up and claim proof that
ancient aliens seeded their world ...... .
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Your Ion Thrusters look wonderful.
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Your art is absolutely incredible awesome !!! Thank You !
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This is so great. I would really want a higher res of this for my desktop wallpaper. The best feels of "old school" sci-fi. Awesome work man!
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Madeline my beloved.
Every day when I wait for you to return from the plant
I feel the constant anxiety and pain of wanting to fix what I can't.
I hope and pray that you would come home with a smile on your face
But you come bearing so much sorrow and pain that we've lost a whole day that can't be replaced.
Is this what it's come to? Is this what we are?
A species on the run from the hunters who stole our only star.
I find no pride in our home, in the green mist we've grown
I just want to run to your arms and tell you we've found a new sun.
But instead we're on the grind day by day trying to hid in this mist
Instead of fighting back for our divine right to exist.
I refuse to let my child no nothing more than this rock
We've been called to a journey and it's time we start this walk.
Your loving husband.
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Great inspiration you got from this piece of art !!!!!
I enjoyed reading it. And I feel you totally on this. That could indeed be a neat storyline for this drawing. Great imagination you have ! Thanks for sharing !
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Thanks! I usually come up with a story for a lot of the images I make or the ones I really like. This one was particularly powerful because of the composition of the piece. It's so awesome! 
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Most welcome and yes indeed it is awesome.
I'll take a look at what you draw.

Talk soon !
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this is so dope. coolest shit I've seen yet.
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It's so majestic tho!
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much space
so quiet
much synth

(It's 4a.m. and I'm not sorry)
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