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This is my really first piece for community called as "Cosmosys". Exhibit "Resistance" can be found here:…
Thanks for all the comments! I read them all :)


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I literally just said "Oooooooh" out loud.  Beautiful work.  
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i love your use of colors
i think you can improve your dimensions
other than that, the view is perfect from where i am sitting :]
Hi Kuldar! I love this picture it's an awesome work! I've read your conditions to use your work and used it for a track on my soundcloud (and then on youtube). Please let me know if I didn't use it right, here it is:…
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It seems ok :) - keep in mind that if this music is for sale somewhere, then my work can't be used as it's "release cover" without buying license from me.

All the best,
Hi, I find your work totally stunning :)
I was just wondering if I could use your images as Facebook covers, I will give you credit and link your deviantart profile :) .
If not, thanks anyway and keep up the good work ^^
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The main "rules" are on my profile page and under every work ;) Basically it's okay to use it as db cover if credit is given and work isnt modified in any way.
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I do not know what is inside your head, but it is BRILLIANT and beautiful.
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a fascinating space!
one of my all time favorite deviations, thanks, it is beautiful
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Amazing detail. Great scenery. PLEASE make your art 2560x1440. 
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These colors.... Dude....
Love your work, think your catalogue is stunning.  I would like to link to one of your works on my blog.  It isn't super popular, but might be that way someday.  Please let me know if/how I can do that, and what the conditions are...

If you say no, I totally respect that and thank you for your inspiring art.  

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You may post my works on your blog if you give credit/link back to me. :)
Thanks Kuldar!!  
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Oh man, this is awesome! =)
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Really cool man.
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wow wow wow and wow :o
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Impressive work my friend. Epic and ethereal.





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wow it's impressive!
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I love your environments you design. Great composition.
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Hey man, is the focus of this suppose to be the yellow part of the background?? Just wondering about your composition here....
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