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Never Quiet

Yesterday it was a quick birthday release from me to my fanpage on Fb - now it's here for you to enjoy.

This work is done for Nekrolog1k. Work will be used as their new website background and upcoming anniversary release/album/cd cover.
Also this work will be soon featured in ImagineFX magazine so stay tuned!


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eu realmente gosto dessa imagem de desolação 
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what a powerful piece
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This immediately reminded me of a scene from the Hyperion novels by Dan Simmons. 
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I feel like this could be in am movie
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I can feel the desolation vibe in this illustration.. very powerful indeed. love your workClap 
I actuly imagine It being a prist or holistic Warrior order dawning saint Peters Cross
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Oh, that is really cool. The autmosphere of the art is so dark despite the painting is full of light. It is so mysterious so I can`t stop watching it.
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Nice!!!! What the story behind this scene?
what kinda cross is that?
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why is the cross on his back upside down?
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Usually an upside down cross is a symbol of satanism, although a lot of metal bands tend to adopt it to denote "the devil's music", as it were. Very rarely it's also used as a symbol of saint Peter, who was said to have been crucified upside down. In this particular instance it might not be either of those, I'm not sure. It's an attractive piece of art though, eh?
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Ah ok, thanks for all that information.
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Definitely a skull look-alike texture on the top right (left side damaged; two eye sockets, one nasal aperture, no jaw) :D
this picture speaks to me
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