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Lost keys

Serving Cosmosys 17th exhibition "Alpha & Omega" - see full exhibit here:

NB - my site is down - need to change host.


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Awesome! Im pretty sure NASA thought about this before they send people up there...
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Amazing! Is this purely painted or is some of it rendered in 3D software?
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Shit man! You make some sick pieces! Oops! 
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Look who is talking here - the master of digital realm itself Wink/Razz 
You have some really inspirational stuff mate.
great work

its users, not it's users

this stuff would actually be prettier without your titling, especially when it's front and center like that

if you're selling prints, maybe you should upload lower resolution
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As I'm being completely honest here:

I speak Estonian and English isn't my main language. You are the first person pointing that out and I will fix it in future.


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Amazing work as always!
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"I told you we should have brought spare keys, but NOOOO!  You had to lose em HERE OF ALL PLACES!"
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Top Work alright.
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Yep ! :P
the perspective and details are great :ahoy:
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"great work. Loving this piece
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Superb sense of scale and the boy does the lighting really works here! Masterful work.
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you got to love that white bird!
Cool stuff---
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Absolutely love the lighting here!  Well done sir!
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OMG, awsome! Btw, it makes me think of the 22nd Voyage from Lem's "Star Diaries", it was a pocket knife there.
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Not a good place to lose them. ;)
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don't know what I'm looking at (background),  but it sure looks awesome!
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