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I never thought about looking at a comet from that angle. Its great! 
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I want you to paint every room I am ever in. <3
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Incredible!! Great!! Thank You!!!
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Again, unique and unmistakeably masterful.
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Your work is both sublime and it!


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Gorgeous, all around.
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Fantastic use of light and colour. Immediately the striking cyans of the rock stand out and convey this extremely bright sense of energy. The use of high contrast in comparison to the pitch-black background and to the rest of the grey rock heightens the icy landform's sharpness even more, distinctly forming a focal point amidst the otherwise very void-like scene.
The bright glow that emanates from out of the rocks really implies this sense of a pulsing energy in the core of the structure; it's as if the energy and light is just trying to escape and is barely contained by the already crumbling shell of rock.
This sense of tension and potential energy is very captivating, only reinforced by the very eerie glows of particularly vibrant blue seen in the core of the asteroid-like object.

The smoky, crumbling bottom of the structure, however provides so much more depth and intrigue to the object - the tails of debris and dust appear so lovely and create a sense of vertical structure.
In fact, I'm reminded very distinctly of a waterfall tumbling off a cliff, the spray as it hits the lake forming this misty vapour; so much alike the trails of debris, tumbling off an asteroid, the clouds of dust billowing as they disperse into the vacuum of space.

I feel like this symbolic representation of a waterfall is simply beautiful, especially in relationship with the icy blues and the eerie, alien nature of the majestic object - implementing such a natural feature such as a waterfall into an unnatural scene of sci-fi element just appears so engaging.
The bond between those very opposite worlds is strikingly beautiful, and definitely takes a twist on what would normally be portrayed.

Combined with its high contrast, wonderful icy top, pulsing core and of course its mystical tails of smoke, the asteroid-like object becomes insanely dynamic with a very clear sense of energy, heightened all the more by its simple yet infinitely powerful centred positioning, really making it a spectacular focal point.

Of course, we can't forget about the spaceship.
I feel like its placement is very clever and very appropriate in terms of composition; it balances out the focal point of the asteroid very nicely whilst still retaining that focused, centred angle, particularly with the perfect angle on its rear.
And, of course, its immense detail and awesome design paired with this powerful, straight perspective makes it quite the behemoth of a spaceship.

The contrast between a very 'natural' element in space such as the asteroid and something so artificial such as this spaceship, much alike the waterfall to the asteroid's relationship, is very striking; the spectacularly intricate details seen in the spaceship and it's geometric, symmetric form really provides that feeling of a refined form, conveying a very sharp look to the object, as opposed to the natural cracks and edges of the asteroid.
It appears as a bold, upright and proud structure, sailing amidst the spectacular scene, contrasted by its opposite partner.

The extremely bright lens flare that flashes on its engines paired with the subtler but still very bright light captured on its hull enhances the sharpness of the vessel even more, and combined with the flat colours, that sense of artificialness is made very distinct, further enhancing its contrast with the asteroid.

However, side by side with the titanic rock-like object, I feel as if the ship not only appears different and more striking, but its scale really heightens the asteroid's appearance and the sheer grandness of it.

Like, this spaceship just looks so majestic and so awesome, yet it's still beaten by the huge size of the rock in its immense tension of energy and icy veins. I feel as if that sense of scale is very important in the dynamic and impact of this image, and combined with the spectacular elements of light, colour and smoke, quite the spectacular scene is portrayed with two colossal objects heightening and complimenting each other wonderfully.

That's something I really adore about this piece; although the two major focal points are so different and appear striking in that sense, they still compliment each other very powerfully whilst individually appearing awesome.

A majestic, pulsing, icy asteroid - a waterfall of debris, the spray of dust amidst the dissipation of space; a grand, awesome, artificial vessel, sharp in its design, perfectly symmetrical and very succinct in both its composition and lighting; together an alien nature and a man-made wonder create this marvellously engaging scene with elements of both a spectacular landscape and a refined structure. Absolutely stunning.
Awesome work!
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This is stunning :D
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Great work mate!! Love cargoes he he!!
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The light is just amazing, the contrast immediately captures my attention.
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Properly love this mate.
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Welcome to Canada planet!
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