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"Kodu" has many purposes.

First of them - it's cover art for Brainpain - The Prophecy LP (Othercide Records)
Visit for more information : soundcloud.com/othercide-recor…

Second purpose - it's also part from Cosmosys "Home" exhibition.
See exhibit here: cosmosys.net/homexix/

As explained in forums:

As some may know, my most of my artworks action actually takes place in same universe (possibly ours). For me everything started with Ezonova - the very idea that we will go out there and start mining resources for shake of our creed and power. And as I'm working with my cyberpunk game so called "Cyrstal", characters from there will have to visit earth in some point in the story. "Kodu" aka "Home" will be what is left of earth in that point of time. Main character finds earth to be the gravestone and scar of our existence - a place that has been abandoned hundreds of years ago due humans better technology and space travel capabilities (portals, wormholes - you name it). But in some point - we all have to go back home, where now only 3 main cities are still in "business" as there isn't no countries anymore - only corporations and remember - corporate loves you!

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How long does it take you to make art piece like balrog, red, flying saucers, and this one?