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High End Gate

A book cover for Kaye Wagner.

Story: In the City of Kings, power is the balancing beam where people weigh their passions against reason, following whichever holds them upright and away from rock bottom in a time where nothing is promised.

Follow Detective Kirin on his journey through the darker sides of the Metropolis of Teigen, a place where happiness and opportunity are on sale to the highest bidder, or to those that navigate through the many games of chance and strategy on the constant chessboard of life there.

What challenges will await those players of schemes and fortune in a city built on protecting its sacred Kings? Leave it to Detective Kirin to find out.

Book is available here:


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Featured here! :boogie:
Have a wonderful day~ :hug:
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Wohoo! Thanks a lot! :)
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Fantastic work.
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The tiny people on the bridges make a good sense of scale.
This place looks awesome.
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I love the lady on the balcony.  The scale and drap buildings makes little details like that jump out.  The flocks are also really cool as a sense of scale.
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Oh my. This looks so cool. 
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it's Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Indeed, it's not my best work, but I'm quite sure that A1 sized print will look amazing.
Next year I will make my really first personal exhibit here in Estonia and
It sure will be a blast from the past cause I have printed some of my works already and
they look really nice lol :D
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