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Dark like rain



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Beautiful work
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Fantastic work!! Wow! :clap: 
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You create such an amazing sense of scale in your works.
Soma-Holiday's avatar
this is amazing! love the colors and overall style! :D
WhyDefy's avatar
I would really like to see some more speedpaints, keep up the great work.
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This is bad ass! Love it. And f**k those who choose to be douchy.
Jasminandmatt's avatar
beautiful work but damn.. you sound a lot like the MPAA in your description. 
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Yeah - I removed the artist link who I reported recently - he removed my signatures from
my works cause "some people like to see those images without any". I SO hate those wallpaper sites and
those users who upload my stuff without my permission (so time after time I report them cause I can).
But recently after finding some of my images from youtube and other places without
my signature I had some trouble finding the source, but time is all I need and one of my watchers
pointed out the user who had like 20 of my images with removed signatures. Of course I reported him
and those works where removed, but sadly the user account wasn't deleted - he was just warned,
BUT I hope he now realizes that those works in FUllHD are a real privilege to you people and the fact
that I don't watermark my works jet is a big thing. But I have to still point out some people
who think othervice.
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I appreciate anyone who uploads more than a basic resolution as I can't really get any feeling for a piece with amazing details or not. I like to see the artist with their info/tag on their work, I found a bunch of great artists through the chaos of tumblr/pinterest to their accounts here & elsewhere because of it!

At least it was a free wallpaper site this time & not some huckster selling cell phone covers and stuff with your work printed on it. That is the unfortunate side of self-promotion/sharing online, with a bit of luck it can garner a lot of attention for anyone, but there are always a few losers who will try to use someone else's work for their own rep/money. Fortunately it seems to be very small percentage of the overall audience though.
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Like Iby mentioned on my fanpage: "I have never understood removing
the signatures from digital pieces.
You wouldn't do it to a monet or a rembrandt - why do it here?
I'm proud to have the artists name on the piece of work, and Kuldaar even goes to the extent
of making the signatures look good, with stylised text. -__-

Yeah - i think those "big" screen formats are actually rare breed. Usually many artist don't want to mess
with wallpaper sites so they publish their works in smaller sizes and I have to admit after all
these years I may actually crack too (I have actually suggested full account watermarking and
image size changing to DA so if that day comes I may change the format too) - like there are so stupid
people out there that removing their account will be actually The Best thing in your day.
I don't mind to pay 10$ in month to DMCA for this satisfaction. If people don't bother to read
my copyright under those works, then I don't feel any guilt while removing their account.

Luckily I have my fans and watchers who always point out those content thieves.
All i actually want is my signature and work left alone.
Deepblu742's avatar
"All i actually want is my signature and work left alone."

Seems a small thing to ask, what's wrong with sharing the image smaller & intact and linking their work to here?

Perhaps also consider uploading the whole image in a smaller size, but posting some links to closeup detail shots of areas of particular interest in the description. I admit it's a bit clunky navigation-wise but it's a work around.
KuldarLeement's avatar
Yeah I know - but there is so much people who asks me my works as their wallpaper. Luckily I'm currently so known already that
my own watchers let me know when they find anything without my signature - that is most important for me.
I think I will change the size of my images when DA provides full account "change all" option - it's currently not priority for me but if I have my bad mood on,
then I will change them all :D and then I may even declare war to all sites who provide my images in larges sizes :D:D:D
(this won't happen unless I'm in really really really bad mood) :3
Deepblu742's avatar
Well bad mood or not, you certainly don't have any of typical artistic shyness, hehe. ;-) (Wink) 
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magnificent work:clap::clap:
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Awesome work! :)
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Какая клевая непонятная хреновина))
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love the atmosphere here :)
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