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This is what I call Sci-fi. You can't get better than this.
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Love the play of dark tones here. I had to work to pick out the planet and rings, but once I did it was easy - and really enjoyable. There's a great mysterious vibe here because it's so dark and far away from bright suns.
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Incredible Cosmos, superb attention to detail
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Dude, I hardly ever comment and all I have to say is I am FLOORED. Wow! 
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really nice visual effects. I would really like to know how you did this? this is brilliant :)
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Damm dude i just wanna say how awesome your art is, and it really just leaves me in awe. Really takes me to a whole other world and inspires me!
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Can you post a 1920x1080 wallpaper?
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very good work! =)
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Incredible atmosphere :)
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great work once more :thumbsup: ;)
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At a first glance I thought that was the millennium falcon for some reason.
MellissaLynn's avatar beautiful!  :)
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I like the landscape of this :D
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Not sure what I'm looking at but I love it!
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