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A very cool commission work for Blackout music label.

Prints and wallpapers:

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This was used in an album by Current Value, an outstanding D&B producer. I thought the art and music "Star Fleet" went together well. (It's up on Youtube but I'm not sure how DA feels about direct links.)

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Nice neon look!
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I am incredibly thankful for Current Value. For without him, I would have never discovered your art. It's all truly amazing. My personal favorites are between this one and the Rethink one you did prior, but it's ALL good. 
Brigittovics's avatar
Really cool indeed!
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This belongs in r/outrun my dude..
EliasGelin's avatar
Crazy lights and color, nice work!
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right on man. good stuff.
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Your art style is honestly a favorite of mine and it's so cool! Keep it up.
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I may have liked this so much i discovered you were smart enough to not upload a higher resolution version anywhere to avoid your copyright issues.

That being said, Would anyone stupid enough to try steal someone else's work know how to find such a thing?

I'm totally going to get blocked or something ;-;
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Ahaa, yeah - I really hate wallpaper sites and people who spider the web to make some wallpaper packs to improve their pointless imgur accounts.
These two factors are the real problem in the art society as they feed from the artists creativity to improve their personal imperfections and creed.
Even tough they claim to promote artist they actually make more harm than good.
 Eating Worms so no FullHD indeed.
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Yeah, i know. I am sad but understand :(
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Very impressive!
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your colour palette here is blowing my mind. Excellent.
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Most impressive! :clap:
Artja's avatar
a fucking SEXY sight for my eyes! This is amazorz!
kikiu-mokka's avatar
i fucking love your artwork <3
I absolutely love your style. I am using Firefox and your website is unusable for me sadly :(
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Thanks :) About the site - which version? I have latest 50.1.0 and its work just fine.
But your problem is funny as today I was thinking to renew the site look and stuff - weird how life works.
Thank you for the reply. I am using the latest Firefox too. The issue is that when I scroll down up to the point where the sticky menu is triggered the rest of the page gets dark and I cannot interact with any thumbnails.  I did some digging in the dev console and the div with the id "overkill" is covering the rest of the page when I scroll down. More digging and I fixed the issue when I removed the:
"bottom: 0" from the ".home #overkill {}" selector.
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