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It has been really busy month for me. I think everyone should have their own space shuttle - yeah - that would be nice.
Be sure to participate in my Kittens contest too!

Also - God damn people - please read the copyright rules too. I had to remove some of my works from
youtube and other sites like where they offer you wallpapers and stuff - cause one dick had removed my signature from my works.
I can't stand this kind of shit and it goes right to the DMCA.


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Remember to read my basic Copyright notice ©

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Ultra awesome, worth million words! It feels like there is a story...that I cannot reach...
And the concept with everybody having an space shuttle...count me in!
Dear Kuldar Leement I like your space shuttle and would like to use it on one of my books I am writing with your permission.  Jesse J.  EMail
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Will this be a cover art - I can sell you an license for that.
I would like very much to use it for my book cover it is a very nice piece of art but I have all ready bought an illustration that goes with
the story. I would still be able to use your art image on the inside of my children book at the end of the story as an illustration.
let me know the price for the license if your ok with this.         Jesse
I think this worked perfectly as the background for the AirWaveMusicTV video of the song Laszlo-Galactic. And yes, they did credit you for this.
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How in the F do you do this stuff!?
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Someone has reposted your image: Ops
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I reported user (you can do it too here: abuse report) - also i reported my own works to DMCA using this link:
Thank you so much for letting me know! This is how community should work :)!
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Great work man... the thumbnail caught my eye right away.
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This is superb work Kuldar, my first time stumbling on your work, will have to keep an eye on you.  Keep it the great work please!

P.S. I understand you are very concerned with copyrights but it would look a bit more professional if you didn't use profanity to get that point across.  I know you are better than those that steal or use your artwork illegally, would be great to see that reflected in your statement as well, don't stoop to their level. :)
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Thanks a lot. I have new stuff coming soon.

I really don't care how my copyright looks (but you GOD damn noticed it - didn't you?) - I sure did tried the professional look at the first time, but it didn't work. SO I had to blast peoples doors and remove some of their accounts, but the big ass copyright under my works cause the main thing is that some people just don't see the copyright. So yeah - I have said this before - if it keeps going this way I won't post in FullHD anymore - cause most of my friends don't and why should I. It's a privilege and people should appriciate this opportunity. One of my watcher quote from my FB fanpage: "I have never understood removing the signatures from digital pieces. You wouldn't do it to a monet or a rembrandt - why do it here? I'm proud to have the artists name on the piece of work, and Kuldar even goes to the extent of making the signatures look good, with stylised text. -__-". That's it - some people just modify and even over-paint you works - and that kind of stuff just makes me mad.
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Again, I understand you wanting to get your point across, but the comment was about the profanitiy used to do so(not the entire statement). Profanity is usually associated with ignorance and I know you don't belong in that category.  As for your works being FullHD, I would strongly suggest you only upload lower resolutions considering as though none of your works are useful for desktop wallpapers for various reasons and the watermark anyway.  Also, make the watermark bigger and let it cover more of the image in a little transparent way, this will stop people from doing whatever they are doing with it for the most part.

I don't understand either, I just look at stuff and maybe favorite it then go on my way, what possible good does it do to pawn this off as their own????
Stop posting your stuff FullHD, its not useful anyway.  I can see the great images just fine in a smaller format please. :)
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Kinda reminds me of KSP. Crashed? OK, get out and do some science. Still counts as a landing if the cockpit's intact.
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It's awesome its like a film based on a man who was left behind or something.
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hm...... that`s kinda WHOAH MAN!

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Oh man I love this, for some reason it kind of reminds me of the original Planet of the Apes.
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not one of your best peaces.

everything looks just a little to 'stuck on' if that makes sence
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Wow that's a big shuttle! And wow that's drawn so well it's mind blowing! 
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this is amazing... inspiring
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How the heck did he/she survived?

As always, awesome piece kuldar!!
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new desktop!!
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Amazing work. Love the lighting on the shuttle!
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