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After fall

After fall is actually my Fallout inspired remix work (so it could fit as a wallpaper too) from book cover what I made for Kaye Wagner new book "Legendary Detective Where the World Begins".

"Carnival nights are what dreams are made of, a time where mysteries between strangers reveal themselves under the festive glow of the city lights, where new worlds are opened up, daring those brave enough to challenge their wild and unseen vistas.

This is the Festival for Hunters in the Metropolis of Teigen, a night to remember under the bright carnival lights, a time where the city is enamored by the return of their forgotten breadwinners, Hunters, lurkers beyond city limits, lost in the dangerous trenches of a forgotten forest where fortune is made through their blood.

Follow Detective Kirin as he discovers new truths about the Metropolis of Teigen and its city of Hunters, finding himself prey to their wrath while having his own mysteries exposed under the bursting lights of carnival fireworks and the watchful eyes of a woman determined. "

You can buy this awesome story here:


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Hey, you got a dead link there for your Amazon book... 
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Love the contrast between the solid body vs messy and abstract background 
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Really cool man I'm jealous
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Would play the hell out of this game!!!
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Looks really cool! :)
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I would love to play this.
Hopefully Cyberpunk2077 will be amazing!
Amazing work btw.
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This is dope man.
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What's that red light at the back with smoke drifting away from it? Quite an intriguing detail
j3f3r20n's avatar
Awesome....What's better than Fallout? Cyberpunk Fallout.... thanks ffor this man
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Indeed - that would be something - also with some snow and rain without any plugins would help this series a bit :)
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This is awesome!!
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Waow, excellent! And I love fallout, so I especially enjoy this :)
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this is amazing! great job! :iconbravoplz:
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Damn! Vey nice! :D
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That city looks amazing! Great concept.
Kao Emoji-69 (Bye bye) [V4] 
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Now this is what i'm talking about! This would be awesome! I am going to look into the story right now! Thanks for sharing!

Bro fist from god to you sir for your great art!

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