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A Hundred Miles Off

Did this one quite some time ago :) It's cover art for Mindscape forthcoming EP 'Phantoms',
it will be out on the 30th of August via Black Sun Empire's Blackout Music imprint.

More info:



Blackout Music


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FotusKnight's avatar
OMG This looks so cool! The structure looks pretty real. Is it a 3d model? How did you achieve such shape?
wiledog's avatar
fantastic art!
Crabbladex2's avatar
Like the ship, pro work.
Dark3rthanShadows's avatar
i have to be honest  with you ... i love your art men , but that digital super "square" rock kinda killed the art
that's so sick - i was wondering where all of the album artwork for BSE and related artists came from. Please email me, would love to have you do some work with some of the artists I work with (matteisn at gmail dot com)
ErikShoemaker's avatar
that vehicle looks really badass, how did you do that? 8-)
Angek217's avatar
Awesome piece, keep up the good work!
supermanscape's avatar
Man that looks awesome!
Coscomomo's avatar
Was an actual image of the surface of planet Mars used as reference? whatever the case looks awesome! Very epic and alien with hints of familiarity, love it.
KuldarLeement's avatar
Don't remember anymore, but I usually use textures from :)
Thanks a lot!
TomkyoStudios's avatar
I like the orange. How about some smooth canyons?
LunarMuffinShot's avatar
I saw on Facebook that they had this album coming out, and I looked at it and thought "This art style looks familiar" So cool that you did this!
NimbleJackOatmon's avatar
Dust or not that would be a fun ride! :D
Sofloan's avatar
Nice piece of art !
Did you recycled your reactors from an older art ?..
KuldarLeement's avatar
Yes :) - but cause it's basically the "same world" I thought it's cool to use those.
Sofloan's avatar
Sure it's cool!
All of your stuff is awesome :)
MLeth's avatar
Great as usual! Although the parts on the side (the text decals also) of the vehicle lacks the perspective which makes it look kinda 2D;…
 - Super nit picky but still!
DamaiMikaz's avatar
The subtle 'dust hurts' on the vehicle makes it funny :dummy:

Aside from that, amazing painting.
I love the level of detail you put in :)
KuldarLeement's avatar
:D - just random line from me - other one would be "Hasta la vista - dust"
DamaiMikaz's avatar
I like these kind of subtle messages artists hide in their work. It makes them more funny to look at :D
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