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Shiva Tutorial 1

Many people have been asking, so I'll be compiling a series of tutorials to show off how the magic of Shiva was done!

Hope you enjoy!

Tire tutorial here: [link]

Still to come: Shoes and Chestplate
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How did you keep this attached to your head? I can imagine that the weight distribution may have been a problem...?
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I saw the images of the finished costume and head piece and it looks amazing. I'm wanting to design myself an Alien (Xenomorph)/Human hybrid costume (you know Alien from the world of H.R. Giger).. and so I need to create a head piece shaped a lot like this, sort of a helmet that looks like the heads of the Aliens. Like this for reference, [link]

It wont be quite that long, but the important thing I know I have to keep in mind is to keep it light weight. It looks like you mostly used mat board/cardboard paper to shape yours. I might be using craft foam for mine. But my question is, how did you keep it from falling off your head? Did you attach a headband underneath or something else to get it to stay? Any tips on how to keep it weighted so it doesn't just fall off the back of my head? Thanks! :D
PorcelainPoet's avatar
oh also.. I have really long hair, which I want to hide somehow inside the head piece. I might have to cover my hair with a wig cap and then find a way to fit the head piece over it..
kim102's avatar
omg! youre a a genius! looks so anwesome :o
miccostumes's avatar
wonderful tutorial HexReedfly, i have add this tutorial in our final fantasy cosplay tutorials list at [link] work from you!!
Kukuzilla's avatar
thank you! ^.^
Sa-RAWR's avatar
Could you possible link me the "base attachment" or, something simular, also with the hanging parts, is that just foam and modpodge? It looks quite thick. Thankyou^______^ Your cosplay inspired me to have a go~ But I have to make both sisters.. by may.. =_____=;;;
Brassassin's avatar
I applaud your dedication, this must've taken forever.
Kukuzilla's avatar
Thank you very much. ^.^

It was a very long and painful project!
Brassassin's avatar
Yer very welcome, luv.

I'm sure it was! But it was a labor of love as well.
Shackles-and-scythes's avatar
MOD PODGE! I never thought of using mod PODGE!!! GRAAAAAhhhh! thanks for reminding my that mod podge exists. you're a good person
AmyLeeYummy's avatar
thats beyond fantastic!!
Jaxarts's avatar
Is the expanding foam light and easy to shape?
Kukuzilla's avatar
It's pretty light, and rock hard when it dries. You definitely need carving tools to shape it. If you've got that covered, it's easy to work with. ;)
Jaxarts's avatar
Where can you get it? By the way, I saw your Shiva cosplay in an awesome youtube video and I thought it was amazing. If only you could have turned into the motorcycle. Hahaha
thedelicateterror's avatar
brilliant! *steals your brain* mouehehe! /flee!
Kukuzilla's avatar
Nuuu! My brainz!
thedelicateterror's avatar
Om nom no....m....oh, uh, oops. :P
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
That is seriously amazing - great job!!!!!
Kukuzilla's avatar
thank you! ^.^
LividDoll's avatar
Thank you VERY much. This will help! <3
astillar0b's avatar
I under-estimated how insane this must have been to make. I salute your dedication!
BisectedBrioche's avatar
Cool, I saw this on the front page when I logged in.

I recall reading a bit about how you made it in the description of your costume but the fact it was made foam brought to mind it being calved from a block of it or something like that. Very interesting. :D
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