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Feathered Wings Tutorial

By Kukuzilla
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I've been getting countless compliments and questions on my Gilda the Griffon wings, so I finally put together this tutorial! Yes, I'm aware there is some grammar errors. >.<

Hope this is helpful for some of you. ^.^

Feel free to download and share, but please credit! [link]
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Oh my god, this looks amazingly helpful, I’m starting an Albedo cosplay, and this looks good! One question though, to anyone who’s done this, are they heavy? Because I’ll need to have them almost at my hips.
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I just realized I have a few more questions, if you’re willing to assist me? As I said I’m going to have them basically at my hips, so do you think they could fit in some kind of prongs/sockets? Like make a sort of port for them to fit in? If you have any tips I’d really appreciate it!
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I had made these for a TF2 costume. They turned out beautifully. But my house was struck by lightning , a bit smoke damaged, but they will still work.
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Beautiful! Thank you so much! 

I'm planning on making this on a much bigger scale... bigger than a coathanger will allow. I also don't think coathanger material will be strong enough to hold up the weight. What material do you recommend?
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I would go for PVC piping for larger scale. Glad I could help! :D
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So this is like super late but thanks so much for this tutorial!

I'm doing a steampunk cosplay for Katsucon 2017 (my first con :) ) and i wanted to make it unique with some lovely not-too-big not-too-small wings but most of the other tutorials were either massive, expensive, or just not what I was looking for but this one is perfect for the wings I'm planning on making with some adjustments

I hope you don't mind but I'll be posting progress pics and will credit and put a link back to this because it's awesome :)

though I do have a question (and I'm not sure if you can answer this still, idk if you still have em) but you said you hot glued the wings to the mesh, correct? Did it hold well? And also do you remember where you got the mesh screen or where it might be available? (I was going to check out Home Depot or micheals crafts)
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Hey there! Glad the tutorial was helpful!

The glue did hold up well, but I'd make sure to add a little extra for the lower rows and along the edges to help with sturdiness. :)  The mesh was bought at Deseurres and I'm pretty certain they still carry it.

Yay Katsucon!! You're going to love it!
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I'm from the UK so do you know where I could get the feathers because I can't find anywhere 
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This is really cool. And very helpful :)
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do you have in mind any sort of modification for who's willing to make a  foldable version?
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This is really neat. I have these signature characters I draw that I call Flyers. They're people with wings, but their wings are attached to their arms instead of their back. I want to do a Flyer cosplay outfit eventually, but I had no idea how to do wings. I've actually been looking for tutorials just like this. You've given me some great ideas to think on. Thanks!
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How did you attach the wings to your jacket? I'm doing a costume where I need  have wings (essentially the same as yours), with a varsity jacket, but, to fool young children, I don't want whatever keeping them on to show, and I don't want to mess with the jacket (because I want to wear it on a daily basis). Any advice?
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:) I want to thank you for the tutorial. You are such a kind person for sharing this! Keep being amazing!
221b-Gallifrey-rd's avatar
Is there anything you could use other than wire mesh? For example, plastic or cardboard? Or something else?
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But where did you get those feathers? I need familiar ones if I'm going to make Maleficent's wings!
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look on or go to a local Michaels store.
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Thank you a ton!!! I will most likely use this design for my Castiel Halloween costume this year!! My mom is finally letting me put together my own costume instead of buying it and I want to show her I can use bargain box and making it thanks a ton!!! 
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This is so helpful! Thank you! This will be perfect to use for my Castiel cosplay! :D I love your Glinda cosplay btw! Amazing!
Kukuzilla's avatar
OMG! Castiel! :heart:
Dolphinz514's avatar
Right? I love him! <3
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Hey so ive made my wings and am at the point of making the harness, which in retrospect I should have done first. But I cant get anything to stay attached to the center portion for the harness the wings just keep rotating and dropping down. How did you get the plastic to stay??
Vivid-Dreamer-Kimiko's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial, it makes me want to try cosplaying Gilda :D
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i was wondering what size feathers did you use for the bottom of the wings?
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hi! great wings!!!
I was going to use your tutorial, but i was wondering how heavy they were when you were wearing them and how much support they needed? i am trying to make an alternate harness so that the place where the wings come together is under a sweatshirt and im having trouble figuring out how =(
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