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Warframe: Unmasked Tenno

I started to play Warframe some weeks ago and liked it very much, so i decided to do a fanart with the female Tennos without their masks.

Note that noone knows how a Tenno is without the mask, they we created by the Orokin and they have 3 fingers in their feet, so they could as well be totally alien, or they could be part of their warframe and the mask is actually their face. This is my interpretation based on some details, in the game they usually separate tenno from warframe so i imagine them alike the Quarians in Mass effect, mostly humans with some changes like the feet, who have a close relationship with their power armor, probably only them can use it or decide when to leave it (hence the Corpus torturing Valkyr inside her warframe), and probably can't live long without it. I also imagine them with blank eyes cause there's some in-game references to them being "eyeless", and as they wear eyeless masks, i believe they rely on sonar (being banshee's powers probably an amplification of this) and warframe sensors (one of the reasons i say they can't probably live much without it).

Btw my favourite warframes are Ember prime and Valkyr.


Empece a jugar al Warframe hace algunas semanas y me gusto bastante, así que decidi hacer un fanart con las Tennos sin sus mascaras.

Tened en cuenta que nadie sabe como es un Tenno sin mascara, fueron creados por los Orokin y se puede ver que tienen solo 3 dedos en los pies, así que podrian ser totalmente alien, o ser parte de sus warframes y las mascara ser su cara real. Esto es mi interpretación basada en algunos detalles, en el juego hacen incapie en separar tenno de warframe, asi que los imagino que los Quarians del Mass effect, mayormente humanos con algunos cambios como los pies, que tienen una muy cercana relación con su power armor, probablemente solo ellos pueden usarla o decidir cuando salir de ella (de ahí que los Corpus torturasen a Valkyr aun dentro del warframe), y probablemente no pueden vivir mucho sin ella. También me los imagino con los ojos en blanco ya que en el juego se hacen diversas referencias a ellos como "sin ojos", y dado que llevan mascaras ciegas, creo que seguramente dependan de sonar (siendo los poderes de banshee una amplificación de ello) y los sensores del warframe (una de las razones por las que no podrían vivir mucho sin ellos)
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Oh wow, not just making them generic anime girls!

I love it!
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haha ember as a huge psycho .
And Valkyr litteraly burning of rage.
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I'm guessing this is extremely old cuz we actually have an option to choose how our Tenno looks like.

Also why are their eyes all white? Are they undead or is it just the artstyle?
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8 female frames
And 3 of them are depicted as batshit crazy
I'm fine with this
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fun fact, warframe is feminine name, so technicly all fame can be considered as female even if some have male feature like atlas or Rhino.
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They most probably are.
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These are quite fitting.
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Ember!! I love her!
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Where's my wifey Mesa?
Saryn all the way
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Banshee reminds me of kill La kill
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This is awesome. Id love to see a zephyr.
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I think that their masks are their actual faces..
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Is it just me, or does Banshee look like Crying Wolf from MGS4?
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not sure if this would be considered canon because yes the tenno are human in appearance but are they inside the warframe or do they control them telepathically i dunno
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Maybe not canon, but you can't deny they look cool.
This is so much cooler in light of recent events.
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I like the Nova personally.
While I'm not too fond of the overly-human representation of Tenno, I have to say these capture the Warframe's perfectly
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No one knows how tennos are, so everyone has his version in his mind
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Well they were meant to be Orokin, and as is evident from most of the alien species they look human because... Well think about it, all life forms that are evolved would be partially human, if not near exact because this is how evolution works, a species adapts to it's environment, and as we've seen from humanity we've dominated the planet quite a lot, so it is a more adapt form of evolution to the other life forms on this planet, no offence to them, all creatures are beautiful and special but we've surpassed them in terms of adaptation, so most alien life forms, though they will have their differences, look human, for example, these don't have pupils, if the tenno of the orokin were for example primarily living in the darkness and something happened that brought large amounts of light in, it would explain the warframe gear, especially a helmet.
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I wouldn't say human but anthropomorphic. For example the Yaujta( Predators) from the movies are far more advanced than humans, not only in tech but physically considering they're a race of hunters/warriors, and they don't look human at all. Another good example could be the Turians from Mass Effect, BUT then again we're the only anthropomorphic species that we know of so it'd make sense to say human like? I think i lost where i was going with this im sorry lol but hopefully it makes some sense.   
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