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Now this right here is why I wouldn't mind being caught by Vi. :D
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Best. trap. Ever!
So, they're fake?
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Esas tetas me miran desde la pared de mi habitación fijamente. A veces paso miedo ლ(`◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
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xD espero disfrutes el poster
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[Caitlyn] maybe singe's shrinking potion wasn't the best idea i've had u.u  [Vi] i'm not seeing an issue here.
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Doubly insulting to Jinx, being caught and between such bosoms.
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Adorable little Jinx!
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awesome ... just awesome is great !!! .. i wish by in Jinx place Love 
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I wouldn't mind being "Booby Trapped" 
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You can't get a better name for this artwork then "Booby Trap".
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I won't mind being trapped there :D
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I wanna be number 9. And suck on DEM' JUGGS...if you know what I mean.. :iconhurrplz:
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It's a 6, that's why she's called VI xD
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I know she's number 6 in roman numeral. 
I'm saying I wanna be guy with 
a number 9 tattoo on me. Or anything that 
shows the number 9, like a necklace or something
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now that is just cute. very adorable tapp.  that eye on vi is so sexy =3
wouldn't vi's nipples be a bit bigger for the size they are?
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Sometimes I will be there :D
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Very well made!
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VI's been eating lots of donuts :3
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Me estas poniendo muy difícil mantenerme apartado del LoL. ¿Seguro que Rioto no te pasa comisión o algo?
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