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Triggerhappy: Russian bots by KukuruyoArt Triggerhappy: Russian bots by KukuruyoArt

(Versión española)

It’s amazing the insane effort that exists to try to paint The last jedi’s failure and criticisms as the fault of anything except the movie’s poor quality. The “fault” of the failure jumped from “sexists on the internet” to the favourite boogyeman “gamergate”, and now apparently the new push is that it was all the fault of “russian bots”; which is also apparently the excuse for losing elections and a lot other stuff. It’s amazing how much power some russian bots have, ah?

There’s no way to say this movie was objetivelly anything but bad, and it’s not an isolated opinion. Everywhere you look and everyone you ask tells you they didn’t like the movie. For every person who says they liked it, a hundred tell you it was bad, for a whole lot of reasons. But the movie has, probably because of its obvious political ideology, made itself kind of a simbol of the far left in a wider cultural battle, so there’s an interest in defending it at all costs against any logic and with any excuse possible. Excuse that changes every week. And now we are at Russian bots. Figures.

I found an article debunking the whole russian bots thing, tho it really didn't need much debunking, so i'm adding it here. If you want a very good analysis of why the movie sucks, that fits with my perspective, there’s a long and exhaustive one in here. 

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Fujin777 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
DreamingTheologian Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018
Now, keep in mind that this is just my opinion, nothing more or less, but I thought Last Jedi was better than Force Awakens. No reason, it’s just how I felt watching it.
UltraFighter3000 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018
At least the prequels were legit things to dislike in terms of lore, production and barely anything political, but was enjoyable. Even back then George Lucas didnt went all his way to disrespect the fans, he mostly ignore them and did his shit.
DragonBlaze141 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018
they did also make a great spin animated series
seb212 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018
its the boris star!
BlueMaxwell Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018
"But the movie has, probably because of its obvious political ideology"

I guess Codename Kids Next Door is now political show because they had some women and a black person, and a Asian person... ya know... being normal? 

I thought you anti-SJWs wanted "normal and good" representation?
"Don't make a big deal of the character being gay/black/a girl/whatever"  

Well here ya are, are you guys are still mad about it lol

his movie was objectively anything but bad
For every person who says they liked it

"I find the movie bad, so everyone who liked it clearly wrong"

You'll fit right in with those snobish movie critics like Moviebob and shit
KukuruyoArt Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Yu1982ers Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2018
Beep beep i am NPC 2090- 0019 and this is my opinion,
"Last Jedi is a good movie, a perfect movie without any plot holes and legendary deserve an oscar10 times."
BlueMaxwell Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018
When you have no argument, so you have to use a clip form a shitty movie
killb94 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Student Filmographer
Lucasfilm: Aaaaw, man, it's bullshit that we're getting so many haters that criticize our work and throw personal attacks at us!!! Star Wars is about family and not giving up to the Dark Side!

George Lucas: RRRRRight, unless we're bashing George Lucas and the prequels. Hey, about a decade ago YOU did all this shit to me with a big smile. However, even I was above doing a fucking Han Solo spinoff nobody asked or trolling fans on social media. Look at yourseleves: you keep pumping out new films that get progressively worse just to milk the Star Wars brand, the only greedy fucks who ruin the franchise are you. What goes around comes around, fuckers.
kyuzoaoi Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018   Artist
Cheeki Breeki iv Damke!
ArmaBiologica Featured By Owner Edited Oct 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I´d hate losing sleep thinking way too much about these things in the same way you do.
lordmep Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I take solace in the theory that the first person to bring up the Russian bot theory was doing so ironically. It was meant as a joke. However, the left's inability to comprehend humor led to this stupid outcome. It's less stupid, I think, to imagine things played out like this.
Wanderer619 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018
Miossec97 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018
If The Last Jedi is an obvious far left ideology, then what are the prequels ?

Because it was a really heavy handed message about the "fall of democracy" by making comparison with what happened in Germany in the 1930s and...the Bush administration (what the fuck, Lucas ?)
KukuruyoArt Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I think it was an artificial thing from the far left more than the movie itself. I mean, the movie is obviously left leaning; capitalism is bad, we must win saving what we love intstead of fighting what we hate (¿?), substitute legendary characters with tumblr women, etc; but on themselves those can be taken as bad decissions and maybe ignored. It's the far left which took those as their symbols and decided to defend the movie to death and treat everyone who dislike it as evil nazis. So obviously the right wing or the moderates and anti sjws ended up viewing the movie as a symbol of the far left as well.

In any case one way or the other the movie has ended up becoming an item for proxy war between two factions.
Miossec97 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018
Yeah, the way they handed the reaction of the people who didn't enjoyed it seems to be where it failed.

I mean, I'm all against the Outrage Warriors* and they're bullshit, but I still enjoyed it (at least more than the prequels).

And when it comes to the fan-reaction, they should have said something more constructive, like "When the Empire Strikes Back first came out, some Star Wars fans hated it because it was different from the first. Give it some time, and maybe you will change your mind." kind of argument, instead of "sexism, trolls and bots".

At the same, they are some douchebags that unfortunately gave them those arguments (the MRA cutting every female character from the movie, leading the a 2H30 becoming a 30min mess and the the assholes that harass the actress that played Rose)

Anyways, what happened around this movie is political mess.

*: calling them Social Justice Warriors would give them too much credit, because it would they are fighting for something useful. Outrage Warriors sounds better.
KukuruyoArt Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
The Movie cut wasn't to cut all females from MRAs, it was a cut from 4chan of all the stuff that was irrelevant to the plot, like half an hour of traveling to a casino to say that capitalism is bad. Obviously that would include a lot of parts with women, cause many of those shoehorned parts include them.
Miossec97 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018
Oh, my bad.

I remember there was a story about guys cutting all the scenes with female character from TLJ.

I didn't really take attention to it.

BTIsaac Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
B L Y A T T ! ! !
Tanis-WAR Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish they were as good at writing movie scripts as they are writing excuses.
TheBritWriter Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
What I think is more of a serious problem is that there is no room for "debate" regards to the TLJ, it has been broken into two camps you either loved it or hated it, the people who live in the middle ground and say it was just poor, ok etc are dismissed as not either knowing what their talking about or labelled as haters and anti-progressive or whatever as politics is now brought into it. 

TLJ legacy will be decided on how episode 9 fares in regards if it was a true success and milestone in the SW franchise.
KukuruyoArt Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, i mention a little of that in the comments. The far left took the movie as a symbol for their ideology, and defended it to death with no logical sense and accusations, so in the end everyone else ended up viewing the movie as a far left icon as well, and now is used as a proxy in the cultural war.
Boreasrex11 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
No one will admit that Star Wars peaked with the first movie.  Star Wars was a 10 or 9.5, Empire was a 9, Jedi was a 7, and today we're down to - 4.
Galer-X Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
How the Fu- You now what! I don't want to now. 
ZenonX1 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
what if Crying Johnson is the REAL Russian bot? and he's just accusing us of being bots to avoid suspicion?
KukuruyoArt Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
GuiltyFlare Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
I am Russian bot 2324...i was built in the great lands of Siberia under orders of our lord and savior Putin   
HandsomeGamerGuy Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
Sure it's not a moon?…
LOrdalie Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thinked SW stopped after the masterpiece Revenge of the sith ; the last movie of the artist Lucas (cause i love prequel) ..I didn't know Disney make SW fan fiction with Superman in SW movie
Redtor Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
TheSkaldofNvrwinter Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dustyoo10 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lionheart617 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
russian bots eh...quick cue the music
albert1614 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Nice comic
NonieR Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Going to, rather than coming from?
theodoricblood Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
А ну, чики-брики и в дамки!
Bulletkingishere Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Student General Artist
A nuu Cheeki Breeki iv damke
KitFox-the-Fluffball Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist


I love it.
Peja21000 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Hey I have some respect for The Last Jedi. Some. Not a lot.
FaceDownDagon Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If the Russian Bots are this powerful, we'd be Gundam with Vodka by now.
How is it "failure?" Everything I can find seems to show that the movie and DVD/Blu-Ray sales, while not as much as the Force Awakens, did very well. Wasn't the Last Jedi the highest grossing worldwide film of 2017, after all, and more than made back its money? And last I read, The Last Jedi was the best-selling Blu-Ray of 2018, surpassing Black Panther.

As someone who spends far too much time on Star Wars forums and Reddit subforums, I don't know where you get the idea that everyone objectively hated the film.
DocDaRock Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Perspective is important. TLJ made only about 60% of what TFA did, despite costing about the same to make. This is also the gross profit of the film, not the net profit (meaning taxes and the splitting of profit between theaters and Disney); the cost also is rarely presented honestly, since the cost of advertising is not part of the film's cost to make.
Overall, TLJ just barely broke even compared to its costs, and its merchandise (the other major moneymaker for any film or TV show) has overall failed to sell in most stores.
As for Blu-Ray's and all that - selling or not, they are far less profitable than merchandise and ticket sales (as money has to be put into the manufacturing and transport of the DVDs, and DVDs cannot be sold for as much as many major pieces of merchandise for a good film. We've all seen those $5 DVDs for 'best sellers', and they can get even cheaper than that if there is an overstock).
Here is a video that goes more into detail. A bit old, but the numbers for the ticket sales don't change much, and the rest of the info is still fairly relevant as well:…
TheReddestMage Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
Just because The Last Jedi made less money than The Force Awakens did doesn't make it a "failure."

The Empire Strikes Back made less money than Star Wars (A New Hope).

Attack of the Clones made less money than The Phantom Menace.
DocDaRock Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
You are side-stepping the issue. It isn't simply that TLJ made less than TFA - it is that it has made MONUMENTALLY less, to the point where it barely breaks even (and as seen with the flop that was the Solo movie - said movie did not make back its budget, unlike TFA and TLJ - the backlash to the film was enough to soil people's desire to see future Star Wars films for a while as well).
Every other Star Wars 'Episode' film has been a resounding success. TLJ is the ONLY outlier.
TheReddestMage Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
I still fail to see how a movie, according to Wikipedia, that: "grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing film of 2017, the seventh-highest-ever grossing film in North America and the ninth-highest-grossing film of all time during its theatrical run" and "is also the second-highest-grossing film of the Star Wars franchise, and turned a net profit of over $417 million and that is currently the "to-selling blu ray of 2018" can be considered a "failure."

I think it's more that some people who disliked the film are trying very, very hard to make other people think it "failed" when it didn't.

And that's one of the problems of today. It's not enough to simply dislike something. Sure, there are lots of movies that I've watched and didn't care much for. But some people don't just dislike a film, they want to try the darnedest to make it fail and prove to everyone that it was bad. Even when everything shows that it did well enough to suggest both in money and reviews that there were a lot of people who enjoyed it for what it was.

DocDaRock Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Did you watch the video I linked earlier? It explains quite clearly why that '$1.3 billion' is far from the whole story.
You are focusing on the gross profit, ignoring everything that takes away from that and how poorly that '$1.3 billion' is compared what they expected. $417 million net (which I still doubt takes into account the advertising costs, but I will give benefit of the doubt) is not that impressive, especially when also remembering that they spent $4 billion for the whole franchise, and have yet to come close to making their money back (especially after losing money on the following Solo movie).

It is also more often than not the other way in this case - the minority of people who liked the movie (TLJ) are trying really, really hard to convince people it 'succeeded'.

Things do not show that the movie did well, unless you cherry pick and ignore the majority of the data and the reviews.
Fire-Ebony Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can almost hear the Tri Poloski resonating for all the space
Boogie-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
I've bristled at bringing the real world into Star Wars, but the franchise could benefit from squatting Slavs.
AssassinHiru Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't hate the movie at first, I think it was mediocre that showed that Lukas film didn't have a plan set for the trilogy from the get-go; they are reactionary; "subversive" ; I hated how badly the people that made it reacted to the criticism.
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