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Triggerhappy: Happy accidents


(Versión española)

This gas rig had pipeline leak leading to some impressive images of the ocean on fire, and although it had apparently no lose of life and didn’t last much, left spectacular enough images that people felt like using them to promote their agendas. So right now there are; if we go by the number of likes in some tweets; hundreds of thousands of people who claim this accident would just not happen if we had a communist system in place. Which is funny since the company is state owned. Some other people went even further and insisted this would never happen if women were the ones in control. Which is funny because the Minister of energy, in direct control of the company, is a woman.

But for me the most interesting part is how many people believe that, somehow, if we just had that economic system in place machinery would always work properly, stuff would never break and workers would be infallible. Which is funny because… well it’s funny to anyone who has read a history book.

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Accuracy level 100

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not great, not terrible

*shows them the Scandinavian countries*, I mean 1 of the of the causes of Chernobyl is corruption, not only that but when Marx wrote the communist manifesto, he applied to his method to the industrialised west ie England, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Germany. his methods were instead used on countries who were less developed: Russia, China, Cuba, Korea, Cambodia, not only that, but his method got over taken by individuals who had dictator tendencies

I'm just imagining Bob Ross going: Oops! Well there's no mistakes here... Just Happy Little Accidents.

But he's the Communist Version... Possibly shown to be in the Control Room at Chernobyl.

Maybe even...

Or something like...

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Haha good one

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And the biggest mistake of communism,

Was the establishment of communism

The Second biggest was Persecuting Christianity and Christians...☝️👨‍🏫

🤭 Followed by getting into a Land War in China. ✌😁

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In the 70's, the Soviets had a gas well blowout so bad they had to nuke it to stop it.

While I admire the absolute Chaddery of fighting fire with F_I_R_E...

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Better yet, as it turns out, this well is nationalized, not privately owned. Capitalism literally had nothing to do with this. Oops.

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Speaking of nukes, decades ago someone thought to use nukes to dig holes in the ground to accelerate construction projects. Called the Sedan tests they were the loopiest thing to come down the pike since the Army experimented with using bats to deliver incendiaries during WW2.

These tests were mentioned in much later congressional hearings but a typo in the transcript called them the Sudan tests. To this day there are still people who maintain we held secret nuclear bomb tests in the Sudan. The ChiComs know better but by some accounts they reference these in propaganda.

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"using bats to deliver incendiaries during WW2."

(pictures a G.I. with a Louisville Slugger, pointing at a pillbox's window)

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what the link does not reveal is that after a bat with an armed munition got free and destroyed a general’s car the Army finally decided the project was a bust … so the Navy took it over from them. Shore patrol MPs spent the rest of the war guarding several Texas bat caves to protect the strategic resource they represented.

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Just remember, the Flu Manchu lab was also a Communist Gummint owned and run facility...

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There are just too many people in the world and especially on the Internet that are too dumb to live.

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Some years back in a forum post I wrote of an alien starship captain’s disbelief that the planet they were approaching showed signs of a Class 8.6 Stupid, according to the Science Officer.

”Impossible!” he cried out, “The planet of ‘Hey, Watch Me Do This” is the dumbest place in the known universe and it only ever reaches Class 7 Stupids.”

I then sorta fleshed out the upper end of the Stupid Scale based loosely on the Richter Scale (where each tic up the scale is much, much worse) based on the view that low IQ stupid, lacking the ability to harm much more than the stupid person, is limited to the lower ends of the scale, where high IQ stupid, maleducated ideological stupid can cause far greater harm.

A class 6 stupid threatens the survival of large cities and provinces or a state within a union.

A class 7 stupid, which could threaten a nation’s or group of nations’ or an ethnic group’s survival is the absolute uppermost limit of what educated low IQ stupid can do without smarter nitwits to lead them.

A class 8 stupid threatens the survival of the civilization, the whole species or the planet.

A class 9 stupid is a threat to a civilization that is no longer restricted to one world all the way up to galactic civilizations.

A high class 10 stupid threatens the whole universe.

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Clearly Chernobyl wasn't caused by Communism. It was caused by Russian interference in Communism.

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Hand to think about that one for a second....

😉And judging by your miswording, still Reeling from the impact.🤭

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You have no idea how Asleep I was when I was looking at that yesterday.

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My twitter feed was filled with people saying this accident is a product of unchecked capitalism, capitalism and climate change caused this, this is why we need to end capitalism, etc. The funniest one was someone said there's NEVER been an industrial accident under communism.

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I saw an idiot on this very site claiming Capitalism destroyed the Aral sea. Because even though it was destroyed by a system put in place by communists, it was the capitalists that should've dismantled it, but they didn't because it would've hurt their profits, or something.

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You need to go back and tell them it is a Government-owned company, has been since 1938 and is therefore a Socialist venture.

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Is this to me or someone else? Because I know nothing about this, I only reacted to the image

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it was to Sagat.

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