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One user of the game Overwatch wrote a comment crying about how one pose of the character Tracer was sexist (spoiler: it wasn’t), and Blizzard, despite heavy opposition, caved to a very small minory and censored the game by deleting the pose. A controversy arround censorship in games has arised yet again. And again i feel compeled to piss off everyone who wanted the pose out of the game.

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Un usuario del juego Overwatch escribió un comentario llorando sobre como una pose de personaje Tracer le parecía machista (spoiler: no lo era), y Blizzard, a pesar de fuerte oposición, ha cedido a una muy pequeña minoría ycensurado el juego borrando la pose. Una nueva controversia vuelve a surgir sobre censura en videojuegos. Y de nuevo me veo atraído a tocarles los huevos a todos los que querían la pose fuera del juego.

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Nope Not Offended AT ALL it Just a Sexy Female Character Like Tracer From Over Watch Video Game Series.

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I’m guessing the ones offended are ones that don’t play video games at all. Those clowns need to go somewhere, if they don’t like it don’t look at it, it’s not rocket science at all. 🤦‍♂️ Bump the fake haters and keep up the excellent work 👏👏👏

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"Nah, but you are getting the snake in my pants offended, as their coming out and trying to touch you" Spoken like a reaaaal dick. 💏. If anyone gets offended ill stick a gun up your ass.
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....seriously? People are offended by sexy fictional characters nowadays? Hell, I am female myself and my worgen in wow do walk around like slutty warriors. I couldn't careless about all the “omg it is so sexist“ feminazi bullshit. Just let heroines be sexy AND badass there is nothing bad with it!

Anyway, nice drawing! I don't know much about Tracer, but she looks both cocky and cute here!
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Extremely get out of my face you T H O T
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Nononononono it's all good just keep doing what your doing, I'll be back here lol. Awesome pic.
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I'm offended by how subpar your animu drawings are.
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(This is just for the sake of adding humor.)

In one universe, Tracer is gay....

....gentlemen, we have found the gateway to the alternate universe where Tracer is straight.
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All the widowmaker shipping worked!
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For Christ's sake this pose is used on women so much it's sickening...
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I'm significantly more informe about these shitstorms behind the scenes than i was 2 years ago, but i still hold that this one issue was a false alarm, and noone was offended by tracer any more than people were offended by the derpy pony. The complaint against the butt pose was literally "a sexually suggestive pose is out of place for this particular character", and was made by a beta tester, not a person who would never play the game anyway. There was no controversy, until the pose was removed and everybody panicked over censorship. 
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What would have been funny on Blizzard's part if they did an animation where Tracer herself is making a statement about her pose to the public. 

Like she's saying to the crowd, "It's my pose, not yours."
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Bend a little further over, I'm not entirely sure yet...
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Got here from some angry feminist
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Then you got something possitive of feminists XD
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"We don't want to define our characters by the way, did you know Tracer is gay?" - Blizzard.
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I like overwatch but Jeff really hasn't impressed me
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Amen to that. He let his game's popularity (most of which is thanks to Widowmaker and Tracer) go to his head. 
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