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Team Talon blasts off again:Siesta


(Versión española)

The Siesta is a long standing tradition in my country, and as far as i know, in most hispanic countries. I don’t usually do it, but i know many people who never skips it no matter what.

I have more strips with the Overwatch Team Talon: Sombra – Talon concealment skills. – Tortilla –

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How sacred are we talking here, because I want to adopt that.
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It makes even better with song XD:

Widow is from South of France, so she should also make nape (as in all the Mediterranean), without forgetting the aperitif ;) (Wink) 
SilverStarApple's avatar
It's hiiiiiiiiiiigh noon
Retsnom45's avatar
In mexico we say "echarse un coyotito"
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la hora de la siesta nadie me la mueve
TeddyBear101ish's avatar
First is nap time. Then food time. Then it's food nap time! The last one is the best.
rainygami's avatar
después de ver tu comic ya me dio ganas de echarme una siesta
MrTenso's avatar
Lo cual me recuerda.... Nas Tardeszzzzzzzz
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*slow clap* gatta give it to ya, the use of the mariachi reaper skin is well used here.
lordmep's avatar
I can't nap. I just lie in bed awake until I get bored and get up.
SammieWeiss's avatar
There were times that I was the only one on the Payload
Dr-Scaphandre's avatar
Reaper is American though. He's only hispanic race wise, but still 100% American. Only Sombra would do Siesta.
redrojo17's avatar
Doesn't matter. The Hispanic blood is strong when it comes to tradition (also any excuse to take a nap).
HBUndertakerDX's avatar
Omg this is too perfect! All I can say is that no one understands us hispanic's need for a siesta!
princessarien's avatar
Haha, I'm loving all of your little Overwatch comics XD They're always fun and bring a mad grin to my face when you upload a new one.
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desearía que nos dieran ese derecho en la escuela, me encanta la almohada de sombra 
wolffang719's avatar
How did all the X Sombra stuff start? I mean I know if a game has at least two people of the same gender everybody wants to see the f**k (And I'm okay with that) but why do people mix Sombra and Is it their borderline dependence on technology or is it because there the only woman who haven't been artificially kept young?
Eh screw it its cute and I like it.
KukuruyoArt's avatar
Every character in the game has been shipped with every other. I just find this funnier cause Sombra is a cheater.
JohnnyHedgehog1992's avatar
So, it's like the Spanish version of the British's Tea time?
A siesta= Naptime
Tea time= a refreshing calming caffeine drink time
JohnnyHedgehog1992's avatar
I know the difference, just trying to compare both since both countries seem to stop everything they're doing for said events.
Raykiller567's avatar
yeah, like a coffee break, but with more benefits 
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