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My little eve 1-2

First strip of a serie about the online game League of legends, from the point of view of the character evelynn. This one and other Lol related strips can be read in my webcomic My Main [link]


Primera tira de una serie sobre el juego online League of legends, desde el punto de vista del personaje evelynn. Esta y otras tiras sobre el Lol y otros juegos se pueden leer en castellano o ingles en mi webcomic My Main [link]
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LOLOLOL Los plátanos de Canarias xDDDDD
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Currently Evelyn is quite good i have to say as she has such an amazing poke that she can even play top and withstand most of the opponents there. Jungle is naturally her forte as she can clear the camps so fast once she builded up some damage.
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She have been recently nerfed (again) and she have been hitted hard by the changes in S4, so she is actually worse than when this comic started XD
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Mhhh guess i would have to take a look at her again, have not played her for a while now >_>
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Playing Evelynn. YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!
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Thats just downright darius
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Lol if only we could do that in game
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what, hide in axes? xD
you make my day XD ty !
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I miss being able to play well as eve. She was so much fun in season two.
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crabwalk eve was the best eve xD
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Most definitely. I miss my shaver Twisted Fate as well; now I have to play him AP. So many people cry and beg for nerfs of the most entertaining builds.
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Jajajaja, pobre Evelynn... Lo peor es que tiene razón, ahora ya solo puede enfrentarse a rivales débiles... jajaja
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well i found out about eve a few weeks ago when she was free and let me tell ya, its more like: went another game without Dieing again. 12/0/4. i can't Imagine what she was like before the nerfs.
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She's only like that in low elo games, in competitive she cant match up against the other way better junglers and assassins. That's why her history is full of nerfs and reworks at the same time, as she is good against bad players, and thats more than half Lol players, there is many noobs crying for nerfs, and in the end Riot complies, making her useless in competitive gaming.

Jeez, she's and "assassin" with an ulti that only makes dmg based on the enemy actual life, making it imposible to kill anyone, and have one of the larges cooldawns in the game. Basically she have no ulti.
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But, shes not really nerfed that bad, nobody can face up against a darius and live, hes OP :x
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yeah, i chosed that champion precisely cause he causes fear xD
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Really cool man
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That's not how things go with the eve players I know. :P XD that hide behind the axe frame is awesome.
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in Truth i usually end my games with stats in the line of 15-5, but thats cause it's my main champ since about 4 years xD, shes really underpowered right now, and her history have more moments of Up than anything else.
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al fin pude entrar en "my main" en amilova... :D ya sabes por que antes no podiamos??
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