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Motoko kusanagi vs Alita


Prize for the winner of the Guild adventure contest, a Motoko kusanagi vs Alita


Premio para el ganador del concurso de Guild adventure, una Motoko Kusanagi vs Alita

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What a brilliant matchup between two anime cyborg women! I like the metal on Alita's arm shimmering in the sunlight; it's a nice touch. As for who would win, I can't say as I know. I know Motoko has more equipment and abilities to draw on, but Alita's just a bit more agile. It would be a pretty even matchup.
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two hot cyborg chicks are anime and now live action movie.
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alita=gally, right?
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from this picture it seems the match is between berserker body alita vs motoko
in that case, alita wrecks her badly
*deathbattle theme plays*
Wiz: "sometimes a traumatic event that happens to 2 people will leave 1 made into a cyborg and the other an infamous terrorist*
Boomstick: "said 2 people happened to reconcile their feelings in the end before the end of the story"
Wiz: "Alita, the 300 year cyborg girl, who was turned into an assasin along with her friend ercia, who both survived a massacre of a peaceful mars settlement in their youth"
Boomstick: "& the soul destroying motoko kusanagi, 1 of 2 children who survived a plane crash in their youth, with both being turned into cyborgs and being involved in a CIA cover up that brought them back together in the boy's final moments of his life"
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cool que gran combate es grandiosa de makoto kusanagi y alita de battle angel y ghost in shell me encanta te felicito mucho amigo es un gran trabajo:D
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Nice, especially the face.
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Alita would definitely take down the Major and then dump her wrecked body into a pile of fallen opponents who fought Alita previously consisting off Cyrax, Sektor, Fulgore, Master Chief, Commander Shepard, Alice Twilight and Adam Jensen. Then Alita will see Raiden from Metal Gear challenging her to a fight.
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Hmmm.... the question who would win immidiately pops up. That depends wholly on which body Alita is carrying. In a medium-powered body, like the racing body, i think the mayor would have the advandtage of a wider array of tools. (Firearms, information warfare, and so on). In the most powerful body she carries in the original series, the one Nova gave her, she could turn the mayor to silicone mist before she has the time to react.
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Alita would win a physical battle with every body, the power levels on Gunnm are far higher than GiTS.

Then again, as the major is a Mary sue character, instead of dying she would travel to the internet and then hack Alitas body and win because Shirow don't know how to write a character xD
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Then it'd be a matter of home ground. Most of Alita's homeworld hardly had phones, much less internet. And if Alitas Body has a broadband connection. Some of them did, but hardly all.
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I like the major and everything, but my money's on Alita.
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i sense an epic fight 
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Interesting pairing! 
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very nice :D (Big Grin) Love Clap 
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