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Monster hunter Monster girls Wallpaper

Female version: Zinogre by KukuruyoArt Female version: Nargacuga by KukuruyoArt Lagiacrus Abyssal by KukuruyoArt Female version: Gigginox by KukuruyoArtFemale Version: Rathian by KukuruyoArt  Kirin Monster girl by KukuruyoArt

I have made a wallpaper with the most popular of my monster hunter monster girls, you can download it on hd with the link on the right side of the screen, i will be doing posters with some of this pictures in the future.

Also, i have discovered how to make polls on deviantart, so i will use it to decide what creature on mh to do next as monster girl…

This drawings were made with manga studio ex 5, if you want a commission like those, here are my prices…


He hecho un wallpaper con las más populares de mis chicas monstruo de Monster hunter, podéis descargarlo en hd en el link al lado derecho, en el futuro haré posters con estas criaturas.

También he descubierto como hacer encuestas con deviantart, así que lo usare para decidir las futuras versiones a hacer…

Estos dibujos fueron hechos con Manga studio ex 5, si queréis una comisión como esas, aquí están mis precios…
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What armor is ryuko wearing
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Behold the newest Herem Anime.
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why in the 3rd character looks like in kill la kill?????XD
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The 3rd and the 4th are kill la kill jokes
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aaahh XD lol kk......I thought you accidentally made it XD
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Yeah I saw that and I was like... Is that Ryuko Matoi lol <XP
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yep yep....XD it seems like I was trolled XD
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Your 2014 Godzilla girl would've been a nice add-on to the list lol.
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hehe but she's not from Monster hunter
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very nice Love Clap 
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