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Makoto Niijima


There’s a nude version of this drawing for patreon supporters. I’ve been doubtfull for about half of Persona 5 on which girl to date, but i’ve finally started dating Makoto. Check my commission rates if you want stuff like this or support me on patreon for adult content.

Hay una versión desnuda para mecenas en patreon. He estado dudando durante la mitad del Persona 5 con cual de las chicas salir, pero al final decidí Makoto.

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Liking the angle. Interesting that you have added the while lines in the background. Great salute that she is doing. 
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Mmmmmnhhh Queen at hips and smashing your face in <3
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Mad Makoto: Fury Road

"What a day! What a lovely day!"
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Oh hai thar best P5 girl. :)
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i'm surprised i didn't realize you would do an art of makoto considering that outfit.
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I also didn't know which girl to date. Than I saw pics of Makoto's thief suit and her Persona. Instant wifu material man.
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She has definitely replaced Chie Satonaka for me :3
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lol Same thing happened to me. In my first playthrough of Persona 4 I definitely when for Chie. Though second I had to go for Nagato because that was the only way to get her School Uniform costume and I kind of a completionist for things like that.
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I had already taken a liking to Makoto with her adorably lame attempts at spying on you, and then she went and got all fiery when her Persona awakened :)
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