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Inside Gamergate cover


The cover for the book “Inside Gamergate”, that tells the origins and story of the internet movement.

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 Portada del libro “Inside Gamergate” que cuenta el origen e historia del mismo.
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Gamer gate will never die.
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read it on Amazon. reviewed it. loved it.
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dont think it was intentional, but Vivian there's reminding me of Kamen Rider Snipe, so that's pretty cool to me-shot-
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Do you know if there's going to be a physical book?
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Damn it, just as my Kindle is busted.
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Going to need to make a comic Vivian for #ComicsGate that's coming.
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I've seen this "comicsgate" thing trying to get off for years and seems to get nowhere
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Have you heard about the recent #makeminemilkshake thing with Marvel?
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Let's hope it does for comics what GG did for games
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Those abhorrent beasts are roaming in street of Yharnam.....
 Wait, wrong universe.
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