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(versión española…)

Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn have gone to speak to the United Nations to essentialy ask them to censor the internet because women receive critics online. They argue that making a video critic of their work or telling them that they lie is “violence” at the same level as physical violence. They also attack games and, of course, porn. To do so they bring a serie of “studies”. A lot of those studies don’t actually exist, or they are repeated, or they link to themselves. But the best part is when you read some of the studies, and you see that some of them are Jack thompson studies! the guy who waged war against videogames and all the media were against him!, and those studies say, with little evidence, that games make people become violent, and they say things like “games transform children into killing zombies”, or they refer to consoles as “the nintendos”, arguing that children who play “the nintendos” commit real life massacres in a “samurai style”…

The ammount of stupidity is too much to write about it here, i’ll link a serie of articles of videos of people who have digested the whole thing:

Article about the links

Video reading some of the studies, absolutely hilarous:………

Mercedes carrera on the UN

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Those who cannot learn from history
Are doomed to repeat it

Why are they thin anime characters? Why don't they look like their actual revolting selfs? :iconisaacderp2plz:
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Life is truly strange isn't it?
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It's funny, in a sad kinda way, that a kid in my school actually suggested that the principal should take all of the books with pictures of Nazi in them (AKA, history books) and burn them.

I guess that he didn't read the books before criticizing them.
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Lol, Zoe Quinn as Harley. That's funny xD
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George Orwell was a socialist.

You lose.
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I see you're going in a hate bonner killing spree, but nothing you said is actually intelligent or informed enough to receive a proper response, so i'll just give my customary warning that i don't care shit what is said about me, but don't go on to harrass my readers.
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If you didn't give a shit you wouldn't be posting.

And if people didn't want to be talked to then they would not communicate on a public website.
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UN wants to become Oceania.
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But the U.N has to get back to normal schedule in due time, which is, everything's Israel's fault.
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You're not allowed to say the I word, now Anonymous and ANTIFA will target you
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Blame everything on Nintendo. I mean, it's not like they have strong female characters.

Samus? Lucina? Who the f are they?
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yep! (through since mario is nintendo's most known franchise, they will think "mario is the only thing that nintendo did"!)
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Everyday i see we are getting closer to that book becoming reality 

I like the outfit you dressed Zoe Quinn up in.  Like Harley Quinn.  Good one.
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This world is full of idiots. You're not but this kinda shows how idiotic a lot of people can be.
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what? that she's dressed like harley quinn? i don't get it.
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No. follow the book
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ehh, i don't think it's come to that yet. (unless this DID happen. in which case, say to north korea that feminists threaten their way of life!)
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I don't think it will come to that. There are smart people out there
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Yes. A little optimism can go a long way.
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This isn't funny anymore since Icann has been lost.
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UN: So we should let them fuck underage women?

Anita: I prefer the second half...
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So does it mean that Anita is the Joker?
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