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Gamergate life 15
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Published: January 8, 2015

So intel is spending several millions on diversity on technology, that’s ok and all but, what the fuck they need Anita for?, what she’s suposedly gona do?, read the curriculums of aplicants and reject all the male ones?

Anyways i assume what they are gona actually do is Quotas. I have always been against quotas, they consist on hiring people based on their gender and race, and as far as i know that’s the fucking definition of inequality, it’s sexist and racist.

Aside of that, i don’t really think this is relevant to gamergate. Yes, it sucks that a fraud like Anita gets money from Intel, but in the end the money that woman makes or who Intel hires doesn’t have anything to do with us.


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Tevo77777Student Writer
Or you could remove sex and gender from your employee hiring applications and just give everyone a fair shot at the interviews. 
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I think the biggest problem here is that creating quotas is in itself a massive insult to all minorities because it implies that they would otherwise not be able to attain those positions without special treatment.

I for one think minorities are much stronger and smarter than that.
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ShadowDragon6060Hobbyist Digital Artist
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digitalSatyr23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"What do we want?"
"When do we want it?"

Also, dat hip sway.
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MondeurHobbyist Artist
Totes agree. Reminds me of some group, forgot the name, but they turned up about a year ago kickstarted by a guy with entitlement issues in a relationship. Forgot what happened to him. He sounded weak. But alas this group started and did nothing positive. Last I heard they were given a chance to talk at some event and epically fucked it up. Why does that name keep escaping me? Ah I forget, I'm too busy playing and making games (and drawing+writing smutty stuff).
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AzabacheSilverHobbyist General Artist
Actually I think Intel is buying influence when someone becomes President to deal with all the enemies of Feminism
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kyrtuckHobbyist General Artist
Yes, because everyone knows only white males know how to do stuff.  Very enlightened of you.
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The implication isn't that women can't do anything in Tech.
The implication is that Sarkeesian has been given a crapton of money in order to push for diversity but hasn't specified how she will do it.

You would have known this if you used your brain. But that would imply that you actually have one.
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oqtaveusHobbyist General Artist
she is going to fail, if u force things they will always collapse and fall apart. If people see it as something forced they wont be part of it and thats what feminism does they force things on people and humans dont like to be forced to do things. Every time someone in history was forced to do something it always ended in the downfall of the ones forcing whatever ideas they had on people who really didnt care for those ideas or saw a reason for those ideas to even exist.
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kyrtuckHobbyist General Artist
The comic itself didn't even mention Sarky by name.  Which you would've known if you had a life.  Which you don't as evidenced by you seeing fit to defend this rich Euro's every comic, and making a fan fic. on something that used to be featured on Fireball20xl.
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The description mentioned her by name. And once again, you're making the idiotic implication that Lilliam is supposed to represent every woman out there. Though I will admit that it is inconsistant that the comic flip-flops between having Liliam represent both SJWs one time and Sarkeesian another time considering that Anita is already a character here, I've noticed that you're pretty damn inconsistent as well where you at one point claims that she's supposed to represent you somehow.

And as for your other comment about me Writing fanfiction. Yeah,I do write fanfiction of Heartcore. And I do this because Tara and Stephen are my friends. Is this supposed to be a bad thing all of a sudden? That I make something for both myself and my friends to enjoy, especially considering our differences on the subject of Gamergate? If so, then you're a damn hypocrite considering how you featured Ame in your asspile of a comic called  "Hunger Royale". Original Name, donut steel.

PS: Is being from Europe supposed to be bad? Also, how do you even know if KukuryuArt is rich or not? Got a view of his bankaccount or something?
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kyrtuckHobbyist General Artist
Pah, any political artist worth his salt would make his comic alone good enough to convey his message.  He would not use internet exclusive despricptions and links as a crutch.

When was fanfiction writing a good thing exactly?

And Hunger Royale wasn't a fanfiction it was an parody of Avengers Arena.
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So now you admit to not looking at the description where background material will often be found? You know, the things that give context to those outside of the loop?
Wow. You're a jackass.
You're also skimming over the important fact that many political cartoons are often on the same papers and publications that publish the stories they are refering to. You know, so that the readers can get context to what they're looking at?

And when were making assesnine comics like yours supposed to be any good either, considering how moronic and eyescaring they are to look at? At least I try to put effort in my work, wich is more than what I can say for you!

And as for Battle Ga- Sorry, I meant Hunger Royale (amazing name, by the way, you unoriginal clown). Do you call that a parody? I'm sorry, but parodies are supposed to make people laugh, not make them want to die from boredom!
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kyrtuckHobbyist General Artist
You just hating on it cuz its hand drawn.

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I'm hating on it because it looks like garbage! The fact that it is hand drawn has nothing to do with you being void of talent.
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Zucca-XerfantesHobbyist Writer
We're gonna...............................


............... raise awareness!! Yeah! That way, we can feel like we've accomplished something important without doing any actual work!
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300 million... How the hell are they seriously gonna spend 300 million dollars for "increasing diversity" in the field?
Will they use that money directly to hire women and minorities exclusively?  Will they launch ad campaigns aimed at enticing more women and minorities?  The latter seems more probable, as you need all kinds of research and logistical crap to figure out the "best" way of achieving such an objective, and all that costs like hell.  Perhaps they'll sponsor educational programs and courses?

Yeah, I agree completely with your take on quotas.

It's true that this isn't directly a #gamergate issue, but it is a tech issue.  And FemFreq WILL take credit for whatever success the program might have or condemn Intel if DTI fails.
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
htis is so very much my stance on this. More women in tech? neat.

The idiots who say that this is somehow a blow against gamergate... well they're idiots
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I mean you should always hire people who are qualified never eye candy because they're female
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
The SJWs don't want to see more women hired to be eye-candy... they want to see women hired just because... they're women.

The problem arises if women have to be hired to fill hiring quotas - even if those women aren't as skilled as other applicants.
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I'm getting reminded of this episode of George Lopez where they wanted to hire him just because he was latino
Trust me minorities and women who actually work really hate that!
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
I believe you
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