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Corona-chan doing nothing suspicious 5

Another drawing of Corona chan doing nothing suspicious at all. First one was this. Second here. Third here. Fourth here. Check my commission rates and support my patreon for mature content.
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She's doing the Salem's Lot tactic.

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Don’t let her in, she’s a thot
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*looks back and forth at his Winx Club posters before covering them up* nooooooo...
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I never believe in fairies, but I surely believe in the Deep State setting "Event 201" to simulate your run, and manipulate you to grab more power for the coming global police state. You're not a fairy, you're a harbinger of doom (the wrong way) Corona-chan.
From the guy who could have made anime real:… (Don't believe lies made by the MSM about his son being an irresponsible corona patient)
More from his team of libertarian boys:…
Corona-chan is a product of Deep State, not just a dang sexy anime girl or a real pandemic. Search for more evidence and read more about the truth!
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don't be fucking shitty conspiracy libertarian

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🌸.+Make a comic about a person's hand ruined because of Corona-chan! The person washed her/his hands too often!+.🌸
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And now she's acting like a vampire. Lovely.
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I wuv you Corona-chan! UwU
But I hate the consequences
of our forbidden love!
       magi gif Kougyoku  Ren

°bites into a tissue and runs girlishly into the sunset°
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No. *Opens door anyway*

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I don’t believe in fairies!

*Edward Cullen has died*
Corona-chan... the fae are actually worse than you are. You're just more visible and widespread.
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was this inspired by inks-girls very similar drawing?
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by what?

This is a meme from some manga
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Well yeah but you and him both happened to draw very similar ideas, parodying the meme with corona chan trying to break in…
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It's Corona season, we are gonna see lots of similar ideas i think xD
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yeah, that’s why I didn’t accuse you of stealing it or having any malicious intent. (or at least tried to make it seem that way)
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This reminds me of that 1 scene in Buffy the vampire slayer, specifically the movie not the TV show.
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Sorry hun, I'm in quarantine.
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Ye know what, she reminds me a little of Zeref from Fairy Tail, if Zeref had been a bubbly woman who actually wanted people to die.
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