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Commission: Vivian James and Akko


A commission of Vivian James and Akko from Little witch academia to serve as sidebar in the Kotakuinactionsubreddit. Check my commission rates if you want stuff like this or support me on patreon for adult content.

Comisión de Vivian james y Akko de Little witch academia para servir de banner en el subreddit Kotakuinaction.

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Akko likes some vidyas too? Cool!
Why does her face have a different skin colour than the rest of her body?
The shadow gives her a darker skin colour, it looks like she's got dark skin for her face while the rest of her is lighter skinned. Without a contrast like what's on her legs, it looks a little confusing.
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Have you ever shaded anything in your life?
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it's just a shadow
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I believe it's because her hat is casting a shadow on her face.
Probably needs a light blotch to get that to come across.
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My favorite hyperactive witch with my favorite sassy gamer, both in undies fighting for a controller.
If happiness has a name, it's "Commission: Vivian James and Akko"
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